The look in his eyes


1. what did I do?

"Shoot" I just ran into the car in front of me, oh god what are they going to say am I going to be sued??? All these questions swirled in my head but I didn't want to be an idiot so I pulled over with them. Next thing I see is 5 tall boys walk out, I feel like I have seen them before but I'm not sure. They knock on my window and I pull it down. One of the guys which had blonde hair said "what the freak were you thinking" right as he said that I knew who they were, it was one direction! I started to tear up and they calmed me down I told them sorry and eventually they forgave me, but I still had to pay them back just some how. They asked me if I had a place to stay and I told them no all I had was my car. Then I think it was liam who told me to come back to their place and I did! I felt super awkward and right when we got back I don't know what to do it's not like I had any family to call so I just sat there. The only thing is, is that Harry kept on staring at me and I fell in love with his eyes and I got so distracted that I imagined us together with my brown curly hair and brown eyes and us just being happy together. They tried to talk to me but I wouldn't listen I was to distracted. I have no idea what to do. I finally got not distracted any more so then I got up and started to talk to Harry

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