This Christmas Story

This is just another christmas story. There maybe Love, friendships,and joy. This story is about Niall and Taylor. They find each other in bit of a different way. Read more to find out.
If this story is like the other ones I have written, I'm sorry this is just how i write.


5. Surpises

Chapter 4: Surpises


                It’s the day before Christmas Eve; the boys are getting ready to go back to their homes to be with their families. It has been a while since they had last seen them so they were super excited to see them all again. Taylor was going around to her different parts of her family that she could not see on Christmas Eve or Christmas day. She would spend the day with them and have the normal traditional dinner; her family did this every year around the holidays. They were both pretty busy that day but who knows what could happen.


Taylor’s POV


                I was at one side of my family’s house having dinner, hanging out and being with my family. That is one thing I loved most at about the holidays, because I got to see the parts of my huge family that I don’t see every day and it was nice. We just got done with dinner and were just sitting around talking and laughing, but that changed because my aunt Sissy came into the room and started passing our presents. I was really hoping to get One Direction tickets that I have been waiting for since they said they were going on the Where We Are tour. The littlest kids opened their presents first then all the teenagers then the adults.

                All the little kids were done now it was out turn; my Uncle Kenny was passing them out this year and when he gave me mine I got really excited. I had a plan if I did not get tickets for Christmas I was going to buy them with my birthday money if they were not sold out that is.

                We counted down to three like we always do them opened them. The first was some cute clothes from my cousin Tami and her daughters, next was a bath and body works fragrance set, the next two were not to big so it gave me hope. I opened the next one and it was 4 gift cards to a couple of my favorite stores, then the last one I held my break and opened it and it was 4 tickets to the One Direction Where We Are tour in my hometown, I let the breath out that I was holding in and ran to my aunt Sissy and hugged her so much. I was so excited. I sat back down and I looked at them again and saw they were front row and there was meet and greet passes too.

                I was finally going to meet my idols and sit front row with my friends at their concert. I was so happy. My wish was finally coming true; I never thought I could ever meet the best idols of all time….


                Niall’s POV


                The boys and I were packing since we had to get on our flights to our homes tomorrow morning; I was listening to music while packing and singing along. I had thought about seeing her again a couple of times. At random times she would show up in my mind and would stay there for the rest of the day. I had started thinking about her so much that one of my wished was to meet her and see her beautiful face again. Anyways, all the boys and me decided meet back here for New Years and then we will spend a little more time here for our break. I am hoping to see her in that time we have here. We will just have to see I guess.


****** Next Day (Christmas Eve)


Still Niall’s POV


                The boys and I had to be up really early so we could get on our flights back home. We sat around waiting for them to call one of our flights; We talked about how much we will miss each other and how much we are excited to see out families again after so long. When one of us had our flight called we would all hug each other and say our goodbyes. When I and Paul were the only ones left we waited to get called to our flight; we talked about the next tour, new album, and what the next year might bring us. When our flight got called we got on the plane and started the long way back home for our families.


                Taylor’s POV


                All of my family was trying to get ready for Christmas day; they all were pretty crazy when it came to it. I was just sitting in my room relaxing since I had nothing to do; I got bored and turned music on. I started singing and just going all out hitting every high note and smiling at myself because I hit it perfectly. After that song finished I started the next one and there was a knock on my bedroom door. I carried on singing my heart out while opening the door; when I did I wish I would have not. Standing at my bedroom door was my ex-boyfriend Sean. I dated him for about 2 years off and on; he was always sweet when we were together but I could not take this jumping around stuff so I ended it but that did not stop him from trying to get me back so many times.

“What do you want Sean”


“Well you are not getting me” “wait how did you get in my house?”
“Your mom let me in because I told her I had to talk to you”
“Oh Well leave”

“Why can’t you give me another chance?”

“I am tired of you asking to date me again and again Sean that is why”

“I won’t do that again”

“How do I know that?” “I am not taking the chance now leave”

“I will leave but you will want me back I know it”



No one’s POV


                While Taylor was waiting for Christmas to come, Niall was on his way back home to his family. Taylor was still excited to meet the boys while Niall wanted to see Taylor. This Christmas was an exciting  one for both for sure…….

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