This Christmas Story

This is just another christmas story. There maybe Love, friendships,and joy. This story is about Niall and Taylor. They find each other in bit of a different way. Read more to find out.
If this story is like the other ones I have written, I'm sorry this is just how i write.


1. Intoduceing the Charaters

                I want to introduce you to the characters before I start the story.

There is Taylor she is 16 years old with has brown hair and light almost blonde hair. She has an outgoing, nice, and funny personality. She is not the smallest girl out there and does not think she is beautiful let alone pretty. She has many insecurities. Or so she thinks

                There is Niall a 20 year old; he is in the biggest Boy band in the world. He only likes one thing about himself and there is so much more to him then just that one thing. He has the most beautiful eyes in the world and blonde and brown hair that stands out and makes him even more perfect. If only he could see it. He has always said he is waiting for his princess, will he actually find her. Read on to find out….

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