Just a Small Bump

U were just a small bump unborn...
Baby u were needed up there but we are still un aware thats why...<3 based in small bump Katerina loves ed but her eyes don't see him they see her lost child her lost love her lost hope if he leaves she will try to follow her child follow him to the land above...<3 ED Sheeran is amazing


1. memories stronger than love <3

The memories flood in my mouth as strawberry milk used to glide down my throat, sweet and tasteful. I feel no pain only shame of letting him go and drift away only to return in my dreams,sweet memorable dreams to last me till death and whatever may come after. That smile was as magnificent as the turquoise sea which was the colour his eyes shone, and the distant smell of the beach that lingered in the air he breathed all so natural it was all mine. The ginger strands of long silk hair that rested on my fizz of brown curls.

What a lovely story to finally meet him properly in the emergency room. The room i lost everything in...

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