Death wishes and Poetry...

just a collection of poems i write often. most of them are personal but i believe that i'm not the only one who feels this way..


3. Less Alive Everyday

She’s addicted to sadness

Most nights she feels hopeless

Someone grant her hope

Someone help her cope


And now that her recalls;

Her eyes used to be brighter

Her smile must’ve been wider

She keeps saying she’s a fighter

Trying to break down those walls


And according to her calculations

Music is her only salvation

God is her only friend

She still lingers for an explanation


She assumed the grass would be greener

On the other side, probably cleaner

But life is a terrible cheater

She let the voices fool her


She got lost in a daydream

She sank deep into a thought

Then deep in sleep went the last light beam

And she lost even though she once fought


She never woke up again

She travelled far by a peaceful train

She swam in rd and dressed in white

Lived in the dark, never saw the light

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