Death wishes and Poetry...

just a collection of poems i write often. most of them are personal but i believe that i'm not the only one who feels this way..


7. (beat me) till i'm numb

Attempting to forget the past

Is like breathing under water

Waves are crashing over me

Each day it gets harder


They say it gets better

They say it gets brighter

But this hole keeps getting deeper and darker


I still remember your fire hands

Burning my body and bruising my skin

When I failed to live under your commands

I don’t get to complain when you begin

I may be scarred but my soul shines from within


The bruises you made have all healed up

But the hurtful words you said will never

Sticks and stones might break my bones

But words will hunt me forever


I can't find a remedy, each day I sink deeper

Try to mend my shattered heart; they say I’m an attention seeker

They say it gets better

I wish it gets brighter

Life keeps on getting duller and harder


beat me till I'm numb

the day that i'll be free will come

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