different poems

this poems is about love life and bully


1. insecure

i was shy at first

listen to the words i heard

just a typical girl like me 

innocent and sweet

insecure about the world

never thought it would hurt

just when i woke up 

i never thought i was so scared

To be the insecure girl

just like i didn't want to say a word

because i was scared what other peoples may say

because i don't fit in there way

i was a human being in a different way 

what other people telling me

just like i was a little girl that meet people all around the world

so innocent and sweet 

i never thought i was so insecure about myself

that i never show who i am

just when i wanna tell people who i am 

people started hurt me all over again

just like i was nothing to them 

don't forget who you are

don't listen what they say about you 

you are much worth it than them all

maybe you don't fit in there world

but you are more beautiful inside 

than they ever would

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