Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


8. The Tributes

Annie POV

I woke up by a bump on the trails. The train had stopped for a maintenance break. I could tell it was night, or early morn. I looked around and recognized my own carriage. I thought I had fallen asleep in Finnick's carriage, but apparently he had carried me to my own bed. I looked at the roof, or whatever you call the roof on a carriage. Okay it's called a roof, but how should I know? This was my first time traveling with a train. Actually my first time travelling out the district at all. I was worried for my family, even though I was told not to, nothing would happen to them. I should worry about my self, I wasn't suited for surviving a death arena. I wasn't suited for combat fighting. I was doomed.

After spending way to much time to fall asleep, I got up from the bed and turned on the lights. I went to the bathroom and took a shower. The water was comforting and warm as it slid down along my body. The shower had a panel with about hundred different options, where you could choose regulating the water temperature, pressure, soaps, shampoos, scents, oils, and massaging sponges. I took my time and tried to relax. Since the Reaping I'd my muscles had been so tense. After the warm bath I went to look in the small cabin if there was anything to wear, since the Capitol probably thought my clothes were trashy. In the cabin there was a black dress with lace sleeves. I guess in Capitol you always had to wear nice clothes. Later this day we would arrive in the Capitol and tomorrow we would be at the training center, training for our time in the Arena. 

I felt like I was turning into another person. In district 4 I was the fisherman's daughter, always nice, quiet and sweet. But now I wore that Capitol clothes. Everything had to look perfect, there couldn't be any mistakes on the outside. It was like they were forcing you to grow up. But I saw the idea. I had to act like I was full of courage, and had hope in myself. Even though I probably never would grew older, find a husband and have kids. And yes, I want kids if that's what you're asking. Even in this sad reality where they would be in danger for the arena too. I would be a monster for giving them that life, and I didn't want to do that. Maybe this was for the best. I would go into the arena, die, and never have kids who would live in this horrible reality.

As the hours went by, the other passengers woke up. There was served breakfast for us, the same big buffet, nauseating food, and Finnick. He looked stunning even though it was morning. His hair was tousled, he had early stubble, and his voice was husky as he spoke about what we were going to do, when we arrived in the Capitol. First we were going to be settled in our apartment in the training enter. "And there's an open roof that includes a garden which provides an excellent view of the Capitol," he looked at us, and continued. "And it is enclosed by a force field, so you can't jump out from the roof, I'm sorry," the way he said it was so intimidating it made me sick. I had made Finnick Odair my friend for survival, but he still had side that I didn't like. That included his arrogance. His eyes turned on me, "you look offended Annie?"

I rolled my eyes, "it's like you're hoping we want to die,"

"Well, it's not that I care about your lives, I've seen so many people die before my eyes, that I just stopped caring," he snorted.

"How sad," I said, leaving the table and went to the last carriage, that had a view to the surroundings outside. And then everything became dark for a moment. We were in a tunnel and it didn't take long before there were lights inside the tunnel. I saw doors here and there. Maybe the citizens of this district worked inside the mountain. I didn't know. I didn't even know what district we were in. "District 2,"On the I heard his voice and I looked up.

"Adrian," I said a little surprised. His dark brown eyes still had that stupid arrogant look, that I didn't recognize from the caring Adrian I knew before his father past.

"Don't do that, Annie," he said and looked out of the window.

"Do what?" I didn't really understand him, it was like he was an alien from outer space.

"Believing that I'll come back as I was once," his eyes turned on me and my heart skipped for a second.

"I don't, I lost my hope long time ago," I answered back in a cold tone. Me he couldn't mess with, just because he was kind of back in my life. He didn't answer that and disappeared through the door. As I shake my head a blinding gleam filled the room and I realized we were out of the tunnel. I ran through the carriages to the dinning carriage and looked out and saw the Capitol. I saw water and buildings reaching the sky. I was overwhelmed. Then I heard Lartius,

"Isn't it amazing?", his voice was enthusiastic. Nobody answered. For us, the Capitol wasn't amazing. It was the city of evil. At least that's what I believed. 

Our apartment was filled with modern furniture. There was clean and everything was shining. The colour blue was piercing. I went to my room. The first thing I saw was a Queen-sized bed with emerald green sheets. On the white pillows there were green tinsel, and it sparkled in the light. There was a green dresser with clothes in. In the bottom drawer there was our training suits. I closed the drawer as fast as I could. I didn't want to think about tomorrow; our first day of training. On the nightstand there was a remote. I pressed it, and the view outside my window changed. I could see a jungle and I could hear birds calling. I didn't know the names, I've never been anywhere but my district. I liked listening to animals, but I didn't know their names. I pressed the remote once again and I saw the shore. Waves gently kissing the sand. The sound of them was relaxing so I let the window be that way.

In the evening the dinner buffet was a lot bigger than the one in the train. I didn't eat because I wasn't hungry, obvious I guess. Finnick told me to eat a lot, because I needed strength for the next week. I took some kind of bread and went to bed.

Finnick POV

She left the dining room without a word, like only she would do it. I was starting to feel amazed by her nature, what she did, how she talked. I imagined that she could have been a nurse. She had a sweet nature and she was a bit stuborn. Annie could never hurt someone and that would be her ticket to heaven in just a few days. If she was to sweet to even hit someone, then it would be over. At least I hoped it would happen quickly. I'd rather see her die in the bloodbath than rotten in the arena as she was fleeing from  the other tributes. 

The fact of somebody that sweet needed to suffer from this horrible destiny made me sick. "I'm leaving," I said and walked to my own room, where she slept last night. Last night was the first time, I've been with a girl, in my own room, without sleeping with her. I remember carrying her to bed. I wanted to make her last days comfortable, but without befriending her too much. That would be a hurt to myself. Oh, and you might wonder what my thought about Adrian is, well let me see. He's a beast himself. He reminds me a bit of myself, beastly, handsome and mysterious. Sums me up. He could win the games if he played his cards right. Him I had no worries for, because he would make it far. 

I pressed the window-view remote to show me a beach. I jumped out of my clothes and took a bath. There was twice as many buttons with smells, shampoo's, etc. as in the train. I had my usual routine, usual smell and so on, so the bath didn't take long. I needed to get ready for a mentor interview later this evening. I walked in the bedroom again naked, because I didn't really mind it. My stylists always gave me something loose to wear, usually without a shirt plus a quarter of the Capitol women had slept with me or something. I'm not counting anymore. They've forced me in prostitution since I was fourteen, and if there's a job I won't do they threatens to kill the one's I have dearest. All I have left is my old father at home. I'm watching over him as he doesn't have long time left. 

The stylists came in and gave me a tight designer shirt and tight-fitting jeans. Usually for an interview. I was a bit surprised, but I didn't complain. Rather walking in this than walking around almost naked. An hour later I was in the center of the Capitol. There was many people and made sure to stick with Mags. I didn't want her to get lost. The interviewers asked us about our tributes, how their personalities was and so on. Usually I didn't hate this, but this time I did.



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