Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


6. The Train

Finnick POV

I saw her walking through the dining car, she was probably on her way to her own carriage. The frightened girl from the reaping. Her long, wavy, brown hair. I remembered last year's girl from 4. She was a lot more suited for the games than Annie. She was big, muscular, looked like a whale and was a terrifying killer. I couldn't forget her masculine face, that would still haunt me sometimes in my nightmares. Annie was more like a flower. A beautiful, pink Camellia on a sunny day. Unfortunately she would probably die in the bloodbath. Such shame a beautiful girl like her had to suffer that fate. Capitol would have loved a beautiful victor like her. They might as well wanted to see her in only a fishing net. I wouldn't say no if I got the chance to see that.

Her fellow tribute, Adrian, was more like a mutt. A big, scary and indeed, handsome one. I had to say, this year's tributes from 4 was outwardly perfect. The inside I hadn't yet discovered. I hadn't planned out with Mags how we should actually do yet, but we had plenty of time. I installed myself in one of the chair by the dining table. As always there was enough food for 15 people. Lartius clapped in his hands and looked at Adrian who had a plate with a mountain full of food on. Lartius took some tenderloin for himself and started eating as well.

As we sat eating the door opened and Annie walked in. Her hair was tied up in a brown wavy ponytail. She was wearing a navy dress, short enough to see a little above her knees. She sat down in the chair beside me without saying a word. She was probably still in shock.

"You should eat something honey," I looked at her with a warm smile. She looked back at me with frightened eyes. The she took some seafood on her plate. It probably reminded her of home. She then looked down on her food with her green eyes and didn't touch one bit of it. Mags came up to us and laid a hand on Annie's shoulder. Annie moved her glance at Mags who gave her a heartening smile. 

"Annie, please... For my sake?" I looked at them.

"I'm not hungry," she muttered. 

I looked on the table for something sweet. As far as I knew women had a weakness for handsome men and sweeties. Beside the teapot there was a tiny bowl with sugar cubes. I reached out for them and grabbed one. 

"Do you want a sugarcube?" I pointed the sugarcube at her and waited for a reaction and since I didn't get one I continued.

"Oh well, I thought you women love sweets,"

"You're quite generalizing," she answered back in a surprisingly cold tone.

"What? No, I'm just-"

"A womanizer?" 

"Annie!" Lartius interrupted. Then she just fled out of the room. Without a word. I couldn't really blame her. She had a bad day, but again she didn't had to be THAT harsh. Especially when she didn't knew the truth. 

"Women nowadays," Lartius sighed while shaking his head. Adrian sniggered in the background with a monotonous laughter and decided to refine the conversation. 

"I know the feeling," Adrian agreed.

"That's why men are soooo much better," Lartius continued in his Capitol-accent. Then the silence kicked in. I looked at Adrian, who gave an awkward look back. We both got up at the same time and left the dinner car in a hurry, leaving Lartius alone, and went on the way to our carriages.

"That was just too weird," Adrian interjected.

"Happens every year," I replied. 

"See ya," Adrian left to his own carriage. I also went to my own carriage. I turned on the lights and looked around. It looked almost the same as last year except for the new sheets on the bed. At a fancy table there was a bowl filled with fruits and a bottle of wine. I decided to save it for later. It wouldn't be fair to be a drunkard when Adrian and Annie was preparing to fight for their precious lives. I remember back when I was reaped. Four-teen years old, hoping just someone would volunteer. But nobody would volunteer if an Odair was reaped. That was my fathers choice. He was really eager for my success and had trained me since forever. And since our family was known for being brave, and extremely skilled with spears and tridents, people probably just wanted to see where faith would take me. That's why I felt with them. The Games are horrifying. I often wondered by myself; who in the world was so heartless to come up with The Hunger Games.

Hours went by, I fell asleep and then woke up at dinner time. I'll call it a pure instinct. When Finnick Odair smells dinner, he instantly wakes up. I walked through the carriages to the dinning car. Adrian was there already, and soon Mags and Lartius joined us. As always the dinner table was filled with all kinds of foods, from all the different districts; meat from 10, fish from 4, greens from 11, district bread and of course Capitol specialities. We were almost all fully attended and we all knew who was missing. Annie. I suppose she wasn't hungry, but I could bring her some bread or something later. Lartius sat beside Adrian whom looked like he wanted to through himself out of the train. Also I want to point out, that I had nothing against Lartius in any ways, I just didn't want him to buy my time, that's all. After dinner I took a plate with a bit of everything from the table and went to Annie's carriage.

"Annie?" I knocked on the door.

"What..?" She replied in a wobbly voice.

"Can I come in?" She didn't reply me this time, so I decided just to go inside. When the door opened I saw her sitting on her bed with tears in her eyes.

"I thought your company had a cost?" She said in a sarcastic voice.

"Not tonight," I smiled a little.

"I'm feeling so lucky," she said sarcastically. 

"I brought you some food," I said and sat at the edge of her bed, placing the plate on her nightstand. 

"Thanks," she said in a suddenly quietly tone. She took the plate and started eating a little. You could see, that she was trying to hide her hunger, and not too eat like a pig. Which I guess was typically girls in general. After several minutes of silence I broke it.

"Do you have a little brother?" 

"Indeed.. Why are you asking?" She looked at me with her beautiful, green eyes.

"I met him just before boarding on the train. He uhm," I stopped.

"He.. what?" I laughed a little.

"Well, he told me that if I didn't make you a victor, he would spear me with his own handmade spear after the games. Luckily the peacekeepers didn't-" She interrupted with her laugh so natural and sweet. It was like hearing an Angel laugh. 

"He's kind of protective of me," she said.

"How old is he?" 

"Nine," she laughed and I laughed with her. But it didn't take long before the silence came to join us. I looked at her. Her brown hair was still in a ponytail and she had no make-up on her face. I didn't mind because she was so beautiful, make-up or not. I felt really exposed to her beauty. 

"It's so weird," she said out of nothing.

"What is weird, Annie?"

"Adrian he," she stopped for a moment.

"He and I were like best friends when we were younger, and the he just, you know-"

"Volunteers?" I said.

"Yes," her voice turned to something that reminded me of a sad rainy day. 

"I agree it's weird," I said.

"Maybe he wants to protect you?" She shrugged her shoulders of my idea.

"Maybe," she said.

And we spent the whole evening talking together about everything. We might as well turned friends. I understood her confusion about Adrian. That guy she hadn't spent time with in years and then suddenly he volunteers for the Games the same day she's reaped. I told her about President Snow forcing me into prostitution. Now she understood it, and told me she at first thought it was hilarious and stupid. But after she got the truth she felt with me. And I got myself a friend, who was going to die in the arena. Nice, Finnick. Very nice.

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