Tidal Waves.

This is the untold story of Finnick Odair and Annie Cresta. The story is based on Suzanne Collins' trilogy "The Hunger Games". Finnick won his game when he was 14 year old. He becomes Annie's mentor in the 70th Hunger Games and they both gets close to each other. ~


12. The Aunt Sally

Annie POV

It was dark when I opened my eyes. I laid on the cold hard floor. I couldn't see any wall, nor the floor. Everything around me was just black. I got to my feet and looked around. Emptiness embraced my shivering body. There were voices in the distance. I didn't recognise the voice until..

"Annie!" Adrian's voice harsh. He grabbed me by my arm and pulled me with him. Suddenly we were in a forest with tall, deep purple pine trees. We ran and it was hard to breath. I heard the voices behind us. They chased us. Then the voices came from all around us, we were cornered. Adrian stopped, and forced me to do so. 

"I got her," he said to the people around us. Their faced looked murderous, evil. Adrian let go of my arm, and threw me to the ground. I felt a pain in my arm. Suddenly all of the people around me, including Adrian, had weapons like spears, knifes and swords. They came closer. Adrian stood right before me, looking down. The others formed a circle, pointing out their weapons. There were no escape. Their voices yelled in a choir. Kill her, kill her, kill her! Adrian lifted his spear, ready to spear it right through me. The voices around us got higher, and higher. And then the spear hit me.

I woke up, sweaty and breathless. I looked around. It was my room in the training centre. The clock on my bedside-table showed 3 AM with digital, neon green numbers. I sat up, and felt the cold floor against my naked feet. I got up and went to the bathroom and took a shower. The warm water trickled down my body, making the room misty. I studied the different buttons. There were so many different choices of shampoo, conditioner, soap, etc. When I was done, I went back to bed. My muscles were less tensed after the shower, and I quickly fell back to sleep.
At 7 AM I woke up once again. The room was lightened up by the early morning light. I stood up, and found the clothes for training. I went out to the dining hall where Finnick already were there eating in his unattractive manners. I took a seat and tasted some cereals.

"Morning," Finnick said in between his grunts.

"Morning.." I mumbled back, and tried to avoid the conversation. Yes, we had got to know each other better, but I still felt awkward around him. I didn't see why I should befriend him. I was going to die anyway. 

"Ready for training? Be sure to eat enough!" He said, a bit too encouraging. As an answer I just filled another plate with food. I wasn't hungry, really. I guess it was because of my nervousness. Today we were going to form alliances and to be honest, I didn't believe anyone would team up with me. I was doomed.
Adrian walked in. His golden hair was messy after the night. He wore the training trousers, but no shirt. To be honest it didn't surprise me, after I got to know his arrogant personality. He could be the new Finnick Odair, with his tan skin, abs, and perfectly, wavy hair. I looked down on my plate, trying not to look to distracted by Adrian and his body while Finnick was explaining how to form alliances, what obstacles the training center offered. He gave us some basic advise on what to do, who to talk to, what so ever. 

"Annie," he said and looked straight at me.

"What?" I answered quickly, a bit surprised. 

"I recommend you start of with the snare and camouflage stations. I'll help you with combat the last day," he said calmly. I guess he didn't want them to know how weak I was. Or maybe I had underestimated him, maybe he really just was an idiot trying to seduce women, even though he told me that he was forced to do it by the Capitol... Maybe it was something he wanted to tell me, to trick me. 

"Annie?" he said, and I realised his face were close to me. I jumped back as a reflex. 

"Sorry.. I mean.. Okay, will do," I said looking down my plate again. 

At 10 AM we were down in the Training Center. There were many different stations, and a lot of dangerous weapons. I saw Adrian go straight to the station with swords. Around me almost everybody was at a station, practicing. Then I noticed three tributes move towards me. It wasn't hard to guess who they were, it was obvious. The Careers. They had trained for this since they were born. I wondered if Adrian would join them. It wouldn't be abnormal. District 4 also produce Careers. Why wouldn't he, he had volunteered.

"What do we got here?" One of the Careers said. He was very muscular, and his hair was dark. I think he was about 5'10 feet tall. His nose were slightly crooked, and his eyes were small. Behind him was two girls. They looked threatening. One of the girls were really tall, and the other looked like a tank. Before I could answer the Career's question, another boy joined us.

"What's going on here, Luca?" He said to the muscular boy. Unlike him, he was tall.. Much taller than 'Luca'. His hair was blond and tousled. He had an attractive smile, dimples, and blue eyes. 

"Who are you?" He said, but he didn't sound evil like Luca did. He stood in front of the group, blocking my view from the girls. 

"I'm.. Annie, District 4," I answered, feeling a little more comfortable than before. 

"Hello Annie. Ma' name is Colin, I'm District 1. That's Luca, he's District 2," Colin said in a kind voice, pointing at Luca, which I already knew the name of. 

"And that," he pointed at the tall girl. Her hair was almost white, and her eyes were dull grey. Her facial feature looked very harsh. Her cheekbones were high, and you could clearly see them, because of her thin figure. "Is Loree, she's ma' fellow tribute," Colin finished. Then he pointed at the Tank.

"This is Kierra, she's District 2," Colin added. She had beautiful facial features, but she was way to muscular of a girl being. She could almost finish Adrian off in one hit.. Maybe two. I looked at all of them. These were the Careers and the thought hit me.. - Maybe I should join them?

"Do you want to train with us?" He asked, as if he could read my mind. 

"Sure," It couldn't hurt too much to train with them. I needed to form alliances, and these would be my only hope. No wait, what hope?

Colin were nice to me. I constantly had to remind myself that he was a Career. People always, and I mean ALWAYS, volunteer in District 1 and 2. He took me to a bow and arrow station. The bows where placed on a shiny metal shelf and the arrows on another. I was not sure if this was a smart move, but I had to try. I was going to die in the arena anyway, it did not matter how. Colin took a bow and an arrow. Then he aimed at the Aunt Sally. He let go of the arrow, and it hit the Aunt Sally in the stomach. 

"Your turn," he said revealing his dimples. 

"I'm not very good at this," I admitted.

"District 4, you know," He gave me the arrow, and guided me closer to the Aunt Sally. 

"I'll help you," He said and held my arms.

"Pull back with your right arm, but keep it perpendicular," He pulled my arm back. I could feel his body close to mine as he helped me aim at my target. I could feel his arm hands; one holding my arm, and the other on my side. Then I heard his soft voice close to my ear.


The arrow hit the Aunt Sally in the crotch. Colin let go of my arm, and I lowered the bow, surprised that I even hit the Aunt Sally. Behind me I heard Colin laugh a little.

"I wouldn't dare to piss you off," I guess he alluded to the Aunt Sally. I looked at him and he just kept smiling. We kept shooting for about 20 minutes and then we moved on. Luca, Loree, and Kierra was doing some obstacle courses. I noticed Adrian at the combat station. He was sweating and his opponent was one of the coaches. He was not very quick on his feet, but his hits were powerful and sent the coach to the ground mutiple times. In my heart of hearts I wanted to be allies with Adrian, but there was something about him now, something I did not trust. He was not the same Adrian that I knew back when we were kids. 



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