Sarahs big move

Sarah thought her life was normal until she had to move...... She meet this really nice girl that helped her out with her special Prince Charming


1. Sarah's crush

I had a new life, with a new school, that had new people, and new teachers, basically new everything. Oh I almost forgot to introduce myself I'm Sarah cruse , I have dirty blond hair, and I love art.

I had woken up thinking I could restart my life, but that wasn't the case. Since I lived only one block away from the school I had to walk. This was my mistake, cause when I was walking I saw this boy turn around and I swear he was the most hottest boy I have ever seen, but any ways he had turned round and waved at me I know what your thinking the most beautiful boy turning and wavering at the new girl, well that's not what happened not at all. He had turned his around and waved so I waved back but then he looked at me funny like I was crazy or something it just so happened that he turned and waved at his girlfriend

I had got my schedule from the main office and went to my class. But it just so happened that that wasn't my class and you will never guess who was their yep it was Mason ( the cute boy) and his girlfriend Ashley. I had decided to skip my first class, I had just wondered the halls.

That day had gone by pretty quickly. At break I had sat on a bench in the front garden, it was so pretty.

The next day.....

I had got to my first period for the first time....I had got their pretty late so when I opened the door everyone and I mean everyone stared at me even the teacher, then she asked "are you Sarah", like who else would I be. I sat threw out the whole class jut day dreaming and drawing, suddenly the door opened and this boy walked in, I still didn't look up from my drawing. I was listening to their conversation when I herd my name. I looked up and the teacher told me to raise my hand so I did as I was told, and the boy started to walk over to my and told me to come with him.

" do I need to take my bag with me"? I asked politely

" yes this might take a while" he replied

I was putting my stuff away when he knocked over my pen ,like what the fuck is he thinking. As I bent down to pick it up he slapped my ass.

"Are you fucking kidding me" I said in a whispered tone

He just chuckled and said "come on"

As we left the class room it was silent until I spoke up

"What the fuck is your problem" I asked harshly

"What so ever do you mean" he asked sarcastically

"You slapped my fucking ass in the class" I whisper yelled

"Oh come on you know you liked it" he answered and turned his head.

That's when I noticed his icy blue eyes. They where gorgeous, they where like the light blue sky on a happy sunny day. Then I was brought out of my day dream.

"Hello"? He questioned while snapping in my face.

"Oh I'm sorry I didn't mean to stare" I mumbled

We arrived at the office and I spotted my mom. I ran up to her and asked what was going on.

"Sarah, your father died this morning in the hospital" she said in a quiet voice.

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