Monster Prep

Katy is a vampire. She lives in a town with all monsters. She goes to a school called Monster Prep. This is a school for all monsters. All the monsters in town have or will go to that school. Katy is 15 and lives by herself. Her parents were vampires and they went to a human town and were killed. She doesn't like to talk about it. It's a new year and she meets new people. It's her 2nd year there. She will have heartbreak and experience love, which is very hard for her since her parents died. Will she survive this year,find love, or something else that is surprising? ( Ok first, I didn't rip off Monster High. Second, One Direction isn't famous)


22. Secrets

--Zayn's P.O.V.--

I wake up and Katy is still sleeping. I carefully unwrap my arms and quietly go downstairs. I decide to make her breakfast. I make her some toast, fruit, eggs, and orange juice. I rush out and pick some berries from a bush. I rush back and make the toast. I let the toast cook and make the eggs. I pour orange juice and put it on a tray. I put everything else on there and head upstairs. She has woken up and smiles at the sight of me carrying breakfast. "Thought if make you something princess." I say smiling. She sits up and I give it to her. She starts with the fruit and tosses one into my mouth. I catch it and chew it while laughing with her. I love her so much. She's so cute and adorable. She picks the toast up and knocks it on the tray. Usually, it would break. It didn't. It's rock hard. "Oops! Sorry baby." I say while shaking my head. "It's ok. At least the eggs and fruit are good." She says but takes it back. The eggs are burnt a little. "God! I can't even make a simple breakfast." She giggles and kisses my nose. "It's fine baby. I can make something for myself." She puts the tray next to her and goes to take a shower. 

"Hey!" I say excitedly. She covers herself quickly. She blushes and shakes her head. "Please? Maybe...a-another time." She says. I pull the cloth away from her face. "I won't judge you. I swear on my life that I won't hurt you." "I'm sorry." She says. "Please?! Can we?! I'll take the shower with you to start off with." I say. She nods ever so slightly and I take my clothes off. "I'm a little scared Zayn." She says. "Why?" She's about to say something but shakes her head. "Never mind." We hop in and I stare at her. "C'mon. Don't hide from me." I say and smirk. She looks away. I hug her. "I'm sorry if I'm rushing here. I'll stop." I say. "Don't. I'm afraid you won't body." She says the last part quietly. "I love you for who you are." I say and poke her nose. 

We finish and cuddle on the couch. But Niall comes in without knocking. "I brought some stuff." I look through the bag. It's contains condemns, pain killers, food (of course), and other stuff. I playfully hit his arm. "We're not doing that yet." I mumble to him. "Thought you might need them though." Katy joins us in the kitchen and looks through the bag. "God Niall! Really?!?!?! There's like 80 in there!!" She states. We both chuckle and she gets a water bottle. She tosses one to Niall and me. "So are you still up for tonight?" Niall asks. "What's going on tonight?" Katy asks. "Niall invited me to go to a club." I say. She makes a sour face but stops. "You ok with it right?" Niall asks. She looks at me then him. She sighs. "Yeah yeah. Go your time." She says with her mood changing. I hug her. "I won't go." I whisper into her ear. "No go! I don't care, but I would like to be comforted considering I was raped by 4 men!" She says with her voice rising. Niall looks over. "You ok?" He asks. "I'm fine! Why?!" She says calming down. "Did you get the once a month thing?" I ask her caustiously. "No...... Just go." She says and lays down on the couch. I look at Niall and we head out. 

--Katy's P.O.V.--

Once they leave I head upstairs and rummage through the cabinets. I find the pregnancy tests and take them. I see that all 3 say positive. I'm pregnant bug not with Zayn's child. No no no no! I go out and tug at my hair. Maybe, I can get abortion today. I go to the doctors and they look me over. "Yeah, your pregnant. Maybe we could do abortion." He looks at the nurse. "Yeah. We can try." He says. 

They finish and he writes something down. "Come back in a few days so we can see if it worked." "Thanks a lot." I say and drive home. I get home and I see the boys have returned. "Hey. How was the club?" I question. "He felt bad so we left and decided to watch the game here with some beer." Niall says. "Where were you?" "I went for a drive." I say. I sit next to Niall and watch the game. 

"Katy?" Niall asks me from the kitchen. "Yeah?" I say getting up. "I really like you, more than a friend." He says. "Yeah. You told me when you guys saved me from harry and Louis." I answer. "But it's stronger than ever. I thought I should let you know." He says and walks back. Um ok. I walk upstairs and quietly close the door. I lean my forehead against the door. "Why? Why me?" I question quietly. I walk into the bathroom and look for the blades. I know Zayn told me to stop, I have but I kept a few. I find them and bring it across my skin. I run out of room on my wrists and go to my stomach. "Katy?!" I hear a voice say. I drop the blade and fall to the floor. I cry into my hands. He rubs my back and tries to calm me down. "I'm sorry." I cry I to his chest. "Shhh. It's ok it's ok." He says. 

I calm down and we lay on the bed. "Why did you cut again?" He asks after a while. "Because I'm just tired of life. My life always is suckish and nobody cares about me." I whisper into his chest. My eyes close and I fall asleep.

--Zayn's P.O.V.-- 

"I care. What stress baby boo?" I ask her but she doesn't reply. I look down and see she has fallen sleep. I kiss the top of her head and fall asleep.


Sorry it sucks. It's boring but I'm running out of ideas. Well bye! -Niall's Lover

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