Monster Prep

Katy is a vampire. She lives in a town with all monsters. She goes to a school called Monster Prep. This is a school for all monsters. All the monsters in town have or will go to that school. Katy is 15 and lives by herself. Her parents were vampires and they went to a human town and were killed. She doesn't like to talk about it. It's a new year and she meets new people. It's her 2nd year there. She will have heartbreak and experience love, which is very hard for her since her parents died. Will she survive this year,find love, or something else that is surprising? ( Ok first, I didn't rip off Monster High. Second, One Direction isn't famous)


3. School

We walk to vampire math together. Vampire math is for vampires only. Vampires are the smartest monsters. We he'd to math and we sit next to each other in the 3rd row. I peck him on the cheek. But now I feel like crying. Cause Olly Murs is in my class. He walks in and sits in the 4th row and puts his feet on the desk. I gulp and Zayn notices I'm nervous. " What is wrong babe?" I nod my head toward Olly and tell him what happened last year." He will never touch you while I'm dating you" he says. That feels nice. It feels good to be protected. I sigh and math starts. 

Math ends and Olly didn't notice me. Me and Zayn have our electives now. I have vampire powers. It's how to control your powers and get new ones. Zayn has something else. " Don't leave please" I whisper to him. I'm so embarrassed cause everybody is staring at us." I have to Katy" he says." Zayn you ready?" Liam says. He kisses me." Bye" I wave bye and head off. 

When I walk in I sit down in the back row and pretend to be invisible. But then Harry and Niall walk in. Shoot. Harry sees me and walks over and sits next to me." Hey babe, looks like we are in the same class " and he winks at me. He puts an arm around me and Niall sits on the other side of me. He sea his stuff down walks over to Harry. " She's already dating Zayn"  and slaps him on the back of his head. Harry winks at me again. " Ignore him katy " Niall whispers to me. " Thank you. I'm still recovering from biology"" I know. You probably are" the teacher walks in and sees Harry. She makes an ear splitting screech and I turn my hearing down. Yeah. I can also control my senses. She's. strong vampire. " Mr. Styles. You are making her uncomfortable stop now!" She yells. He doesn't stop and he pecks my cheek. She turns around and starts class.

I rush out and Harry stops me." Babe where you going?" He asks grabbing my waist. I don't answer. Niall sees us am he comes over gets me out of Harry's grasp." Leave Katy alone Harry" he says. He leads me to my locker and helps me." Thank you" I whisper to him." No problem. He can get annoying" I nod and we laugh. We have the same class together next. School is almost done. Last class. We walk to history. It's all the way upstairs. We get there and there are 2 long rows. We sit on the end of the 2nd row. The teacher is a werewolf and you can see his werewolf hair. I keep drawing in my notebook.

class ends and I meet up with Zayn. I get my books. We entwine our fingers and he walks me home. " Can I spend the night With you" I nod yea and his smile grows. 

We get to my house and he sets his books down. Today is Friday. Yeah, first day of school on Friday. Awesome. He sits on the couch and I sit next to him. He levitates me an sets me on his lap. I giggle. He takes his shirt off and he's a freaking six-pack!! He caught me staring and smirked. I turned a bright red and turn the other way. He picks me up and rushes up to my bed. He takes my shirt off and starts to kiss my neck and it moves to vest and stomach. " NO!! Zayn no" I say. He frowns and lets me go. I start to tear up. Not this. I walk back downstairs and sit on the couch. Shoot no shirt. I speed upstairs and put a shirt on. Zayn is laying on the bed with his pants unbuckled.  I look at him wide eyed. I turn on my heel, walk downstairs, go to my front yard and sit down in the front yard. I'm just sitting there. Zayn come sout and sits next to me dressed." I'm not ready Zayn" I say. The wind picks up an my hair blows to the left." I know. I'm sorry" " it's ok just don't so that please." I say and he nods as he understands. I sigh and lean my head on his lap. He strokes my hair and we sit there like that for a while. I fall asleep. But I feel myself being dragged somewhere. I try to get up but I can't and when I do I'm knocked out. Hopefully I will live.

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