Monster Prep

Katy is a vampire. She lives in a town with all monsters. She goes to a school called Monster Prep. This is a school for all monsters. All the monsters in town have or will go to that school. Katy is 15 and lives by herself. Her parents were vampires and they went to a human town and were killed. She doesn't like to talk about it. It's a new year and she meets new people. It's her 2nd year there. She will have heartbreak and experience love, which is very hard for her since her parents died. Will she survive this year,find love, or something else that is surprising? ( Ok first, I didn't rip off Monster High. Second, One Direction isn't famous)


11. My aweful birthday

Katy's P.O.V.

First he brought me here, then he sings me a beautiful song. "That was wonderful." I say. "I know you would like it." He says, then kisses me. I kiss back immediatly. Today, is magical. He ends it and I hug him. "I love you so much." "I love you much more, words can't describe it." I sit back against the tree and look into the distance. A breeze comes and I shiver coldly. He puts his jacket around me and puts his arm around my shoulders. He's slightly taller than me so I look up to him. He looks down and leans in and kisses me again. I'm so happy. I feel like a princess. My fangs peek out and he notices. "Katy, your fangs." Zayn says pointing. I nod. "Yeah. They come out when I'm happy like this." I cover my mouth. Now he knows I'm happy. He will continue. I look over at him and he's smirking.  Oh god. 

He drops me at home. He has to go home. See the thing is that I don't mind that it's so lonely. It just feels weird without my parents. I don't have any hope that they will come back. None. I sit on the couch and turn the tv on. Yes, it's 11:20 at night an din still up. I here a knock at the door thinking it's Zayn. I open it and it's not. It's the people who make sure we are all safe. "We found where your parents are." I stand there with my mouth open. "They are dead." I say. "They were kept captive. We have a search and rescue team retrieve them." I nod and shut the door. My parents. I go into my room,flop on my bed, and fall asleep thinking about seeing them again. Wow.

I wake up and remember its my birthday. I get dressed after my shower. I wear skinny jeans and a pink t-shirt. I put my hair up and put a hoodie before I do that. I grab an apple and my phone and start to walk to school. 

I get there and see Zayn there with roses. I run up to him and hug him. He hands me the roses and holds my hand. "Happy birthday!" He says twirling me around. "You remembered." I say. "How could I forget." He says. He shows me all his texts from me saying ' Tomorrow it's my birthday!' I giggle. I smell the roses and when we get inside I walk to my locker with him. We get there and the chorus and marching band from school are here. I look at Zayn confused. "Pay attention." He says. The band starts to play. Then the chorus sings:

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday to you

Happy birthday dear Katyyyy

Happy birthday to youuuuuu!

We all clap and Zayn kisses me. They all clap and I see Louis,Harry, and Olly come over.  "Hey babe." Harry says winking. I gulp and turn around and open my locker. I see Zayn furious. He's about to punch them. "Stop." I whisper. He looks at me and lowers his hand. He hugs me and carries my books. We walk into biology and sit down. Zayn sits in the row in front of me. I sit down scared a little and Louis walks over to me and sits down. "We never finished last night. So why don't you come over and finish it." The last part was more of a command. I nod no. "You will or else." And he turns forward. No.

School is done and I head home fast. No Louis, good. I sit down on my front porch and start to sing lightly. 

"I've been everywhere, man

Looking for someone

Soneone who can please me

Love me all night

Ive been everywhere,man

Looking for you babe

Looking for you babe

Searching for you babe

Where have you been?

'Cause I never see you out

Are you hiding from me, yeah?

Somewhere in the crowd

Where have you been?

All my life, all my life

Where have you been, all my life?

Where have you been, all my life?

Where have you been, all my life?

Where have you been, all my life?

I sigh and head inside. I sit down and turn the tv on. I hear a knock and answer it scared. It's Olly. I gulp. "Let go. We never finished." I nod no and he gets mad. I shut the door and lock it and go out the back door. I head off into the woods. I trip and fall twisting my ankle. I sit there and cry. I fall asleep there dreaming about my parents.

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