Monster Prep

Katy is a vampire. She lives in a town with all monsters. She goes to a school called Monster Prep. This is a school for all monsters. All the monsters in town have or will go to that school. Katy is 15 and lives by herself. Her parents were vampires and they went to a human town and were killed. She doesn't like to talk about it. It's a new year and she meets new people. It's her 2nd year there. She will have heartbreak and experience love, which is very hard for her since her parents died. Will she survive this year,find love, or something else that is surprising? ( Ok first, I didn't rip off Monster High. Second, One Direction isn't famous)


1. Katy

Hi I'm Katy. I'm vampire and I'm 15. Don't freak out that I'm a vampire. I'm nice, not those ones you see in movies. My parents died going to a human town for some business and they were killed by vampire hunters. I hate it. They left when I was 13. Now I'm 15. I've accepted that they aren't coming back. And I probably will never see them again. 

I go to Monster Prep and have been for a year. This is my second year. I don't have a boyfriend. I know, sad. But everybody wanted me and I refused them. This year I hope I get one. Anyway, Monster Prep is sorta like the castle in the Harry Potter movies. Yeah. I watch them. Don't judge. ( I really don't in life ) There are 12 grades there.  This year I'm in 2nd. But it's not like human grades. It's like 9th grade.  Stupid humans.( No offense sorry ) I almost thought about dating Niall Horan or Zayn Malik. Yeah. If they ask me out again I will have to think about which one carefully. Last year, this really annoying werewolf, his name is Olly Murs, asked me out. I said no and he almost forced me to date him. I hate him. Hopefully, he's not like that this year. Jerk.( No offense to people who like him. I like him too but I thought I should make him the bad guy. Sorry)

i have brown hair and dark brown eyes. Mostly red though. Fangs, sharp nails that grow sharper  when I get mad.  I paint my nails blood red. Sometimes pink! I love black! I like human blood and animal blood. But mostly human blood. I have some friends but we don't hang out. It is weird. I think so. And they so too. I have red highlights.

i know. It's just red and black. Well, that's the vampire code. Red and black are our colors. Werewolves,zombies, and other monsters have their own code too. Like put code also says that when we are 27 we are aloud to go to a human town and live there and drink their blood. Oh yeah. I will kill the people who killed my mom and dad. Grrrr. BEEP BEEP. That's my clock telling me it's time for bed. Tomorrow is a big day. Well, goodnite.


Hey, hope you guys like this book. Tell me what you think. Bye- Nialls peaches

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