Monster Prep

Katy is a vampire. She lives in a town with all monsters. She goes to a school called Monster Prep. This is a school for all monsters. All the monsters in town have or will go to that school. Katy is 15 and lives by herself. Her parents were vampires and they went to a human town and were killed. She doesn't like to talk about it. It's a new year and she meets new people. It's her 2nd year there. She will have heartbreak and experience love, which is very hard for her since her parents died. Will she survive this year,find love, or something else that is surprising? ( Ok first, I didn't rip off Monster High. Second, One Direction isn't famous)


15. It was just a big dream

I wake up and I'm cuddled up with Niall in his bed. I hope he... No. He wouldn't. I lay there and think about what happened last night. What happened anyway? Niall wakes up and he smiles at me. "What happened last night?" I ask. He sighs and explains the whole thing to me. I lay there with him and listen to what he is telling me. "But why would Zayn do that?" I ask feeling like a little kid. "He's stupid." He says lookin at me. "I have so many more questions, and for some reason I can't remember last night." I tell him looking into his mesmerizing blue eyes. "I don't know why." He says looking into my eyes. He leans in and we kiss.

We have school today. Niall comes back to my house with me. I head up to my room and change into jeans, a regular t-shirt, and a big hoodie. We get back into his car and he drives us to school. "What about Zayn?" I ask him getting out of the car. "I have most classes with you so it shouldn't be a problem." He says. I look to where Zayn usually parks his car but it's not there. He's never late. Must be sick. We walk into the school hand in hand and about every girl stares at us. "You sure you will be ok?" He asks. I nod and he goes. We part so he can get his stuff. Some girl comes up to me and says some pretty harsh stuff. "Niall's mine. He doesn't love you." She says and walks off. She is a death angel. "F***." I say under my breath. 

Class starts and Zayn isn't here. Good. I pay attention the whole class. Class ends and math starts. Great. Niall won't be here and Zayn won't either. Stop. You don't need Zayn. You have Niall. I sigh and enter. "There's my babe." Olly says. I roll my eyes and sit down. I get my books out and Olly sits next to me. "C'mon. Your not even going to say hi to me. Your my special princess." He says making me kiss him. I pull away and slap him. "I've had a really tough weekend so I don't need some f****** mother f***** coming and getting me over the edge." I say with my vampire coming out. "So what. Your mine. Now that your done with Zayn, I can have you." He says. He must've read my mind. I push him and he sits in his seat. Class starts and Olly and Harry keep whispering about me. They keep saying I'm hot and she's mine. Stuff like that. 

Class ends and I see Niall. I'm about to hug him but just as I turn the corner I see him and the same girl kissing. They keep kissing and Niall sees me. His eyes widen and he breaks away. "Where are you going? C'mon babe lets go to class." She says pulling him. What? Tears come and I run home. I pass Zayn and he runs after me. He catches me and gets a hold of my wrist. "Let me go!!" I yell. He let's go and I look at his face. I can see he has been crying. He hasn't been eating  and drinking blood. He is so pale. We walk to my house and I give him some blood. "Why we're you crying?" He asks. "I saw Niall and some girl kissing." I say and drink some blood. He nods and jus stares at his blood. "You have to drink." I say and he does eventually. The doorbell dings and I answer the door to find Niall. He catches the shutting door and comes in. "It was her. She kissed me. I would never so that. She was to strong. That's how she pulled me in so sorry." He pleads. He sees Zayn and he growls. "Stop. This is why I don't date. Guys get to complicated. You guys get jealous of one another." I say and I speed out of the house. 

I made this little grave for my parents in this nice place. I sit on my knees and cry in my hands. I hate life. I wish I could join my mom and dad. I feel a hand on my shoulder. I look up to see the guy that told me about him finding them. "What's new." I croak. He sighs and sits next to me. "We sent a team but they never returned. We are sending 3 more people and if they don't come back, either we give up or you, me and some other people go and try. We are sending mortals who think we are mortals." He says. I nod. "Ok." I say and he disappears. I'm alone. Like I have been. I pick some flowers and them on their graves. I walk back to see that Niall left a not and Zayn is sleeping on the couch. Why doesn't he go home? I see that they both left me a note. I read Niall's first.


Please forgive me. I didn't do anything to make the girl kiss me. She kissed me on her own will. She made me follow her and kiss her. So please forgive me. I love you. Your my one and only princess.



i read Zayn's next.


I know you probably think I'm some horrible person. But, I love you. I can't stop loving you. I can't stop thinking about you. I love you so much. Please be mine again. I can't stand to be with out you. You saw how I was without you. Weak. Please. Come back into my life. I miss you and love you way to much. 


I head upstairs and I lay down I my bed. Who do I choose? I sigh and fall asleep. 

I wake up and I see Niall and Zayn smiling over my bed . I sit up and they rip the covers from me. Harry,Louis,Liam, and Olly come up with some other girls. I never really made friends. Niall picks me up and carries me into a different room followed by Harry and I think Elizabeth. They shove us on the bed and make us naked. I shoot up and I pop clothes on myself. I shove Niall against the wall and I growl at him. "Stop this madness." I growl in his ear. He just chuckles. Harry pulls me off and makes me naked again. The boys get naked and Niall pulls me to a corner. I gulp and he holds me against the wall. "Ready? To bad if your not." He says and I scream. I scream bloody murder.

I wake up in sweat and I run downstairs. I find nobody home. Except me. So it was just a dream. So, I wasn't raped harmfully. Me and Zayn never broke up. Thank god. I call Zayn. 

Z- hey

K- are we still together

Z- yea why

K- I had a dream about you- never mind I'll tell you later

Z- ok see you later

i hang up and sit on the couch. I'm glad it was a dream. I watch tv and do nothing all day, recovering from my nightmare.


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