Pizza Delivery

Liv is on a summer job at a pizza place.When she delivers a pizza to Niall from the biggest band in the world One Direction.Will she fangirl and make him uncomfortable ? or Will they fall in love?


8. The Journey

The journey was long , exhausting and a bit smelly.Yeah Niall.I have a weird feeling that Niall is cheating on me,I mean I trust Niall but this is a different feeling.Niall has a picture of this girl on his phone,Niall said it was his friend I guess I trust him."I'm so excited I think I might pee" Niall said excitedly."Please don't we have had enough of you with your farts the smell is bad enough".Maura said while trying to concentrate on where she was going."That wasn't me that was Liv".Niall said laughing.I looked at Niall and rolled my eyes while smiling at him.We stopped off for food tonight was my choice,Niall kept poking me and whispering to me Nando's,so of course being the wonderful girlfriend I am I chose Dominos.Niall still ate it of course.Then back into the car we go.It was about 7 a clock and I was exhausted. I laid down on Niall's shoulder,he laid his head on mine and we both fell asleep.

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