Pizza Delivery

Liv is on a summer job at a pizza place.When she delivers a pizza to Niall from the biggest band in the world One Direction.Will she fangirl and make him uncomfortable ? or Will they fall in love?


7. Setting Off

The day after

Today was the day me and Niall left for Ireland I was so excited ."Hey Liv my mam just called she said she would pick us up at 3:30" Niall said. "Alright I'm so excited" Liv said excitedly."Me too"Niall said as he got down on one knee and said "Liv will u make me the happiest man in the world by" there was a short pause and then he said "By getting me Nando's"Niall said."Oh my god Niall I wait what" Liv said as Niall stood up Liv said laughing "Niall Horan u tease" Liv shouted as she shoved him.He giggled."Well your no better yourself with that body"Niall said as he held Liv's waist and leaned in for a kiss when he saw his mam Maura smiling looking through the window.Niall let go of Liv and opened the door Maura walked in and greeted them both."Hi mam Niall said as he gave her a big hug."Hi son" Maura said squeezing him tight."Mam this is Liv"Niall said."Hi Liv it's so nice to meet you"Maura said."You too Miss Horan".Liv said."Please call me Maura".Maura insisted."Ok well we don't want to be late let's go".Maura said

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