The Love Club

River had a normal life:drama free,boy free, and she was happy but when the Bieber twins move back into town this get filled with drama. parties,sex,cheating,heartbreak. What more could there be in a love triangle.
Follow theses three teens as they try and work things out so they can go back to normal. Because you know what I say more people fall in love in the Love Club.
(Kinda based off of Jerek twins but with my twist and turns as well)


3. Unless I WHAT

Previously on the love club

"unless you" 


" Unless you tutor both teens they are both failing math and musical art" " What art and math but seriously how the hell do you fail art" 


This was just horrible I went home and got a text it said

Saw your boy cheating

That's wierd he not my boy but i felt mad oh well I clammed in my bed did homwork changed into pjs and went to sleep

To see the pic go to auther page cuz it's my profile pic okay bye

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