The Love Club

River had a normal life:drama free,boy free, and she was happy but when the Bieber twins move back into town this get filled with drama. parties,sex,cheating,heartbreak. What more could there be in a love triangle.
Follow theses three teens as they try and work things out so they can go back to normal. Because you know what I say more people fall in love in the Love Club.
(Kinda based off of Jerek twins but with my twist and turns as well)


1. Prolouge


 I woke up today to my annoying alarm as usual.I slapped my dismiss button. "Riv get up get ready for school or you'll be late" mom yelled up the stairs .I groggily got up out of bed.went to the bathroom brushed my hair and teeth before stripping and getting in the shower. I got dried myself off and got dressed in a tank top that said love some more ,black skinnys,And my chucks with a black beanie I quickly scurried out downstairs. But not without throwing only my black rim clear ray bands.


I walked in school to my locker .I enters my combo got my books and sped off to class before then bell rang.You see a kind of a nerd yeah guess you knows secret now .Anyway I heard the bell ring and soon kids starting piling in. Mrs.linds starting to write on then board I quickly took notes She then passed out some worksheets which I did so easily .Before you knew it it was lunch time I walked in the cafeteria with my bagged lunch(the food here is so disgusting you'd be Ludicrous to eat.I walked yo the back and say down down at the only red table here.Then my two bestest friends walked in the door with their lunches and sat down at our/my table.

As we were in our on little world conversating.The most popular twins slash jock walked in.

Hey guys first story first chapter tell me how it is in the comments alright by and some stuff or wowed are weird I'm doing this. On my iPhone



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