Time For A Change.

"I've spent the whole of my life trying to be noticed, to be someone. I've never gotten anywhere till now. I've been told everyday of my life that I'm a nobody and that I'm never going to be an anyone but now that I've got the chance im not backing down. I'm not going to go back to that place again, I'm not going to be that person again." Marcel whispered as I nodded.

"I know but it doesn't mean you have to change M, you're perfect just the way you were even before all of these little tweaks happened. You don't need to change to be noticed or to be someone because you're fine" I answered as the first tears started rolling down my cheeks.


1. //chapter 1//


The sound of the school bell rang through the hallways of Tilldale High as I moved myself quickly over towards my locker. I entered the password into the lock and opened my locker being welcomed by music posters;pictures of me and Marcel and more posters.

I smiled as I got out my books for finance and business studies and shut the door. I locked my locker and looked up only to jump back to see Marcel smiling down at me. I smiled back.

"Hey Daisy how are you?" Marcel asked smiling.

"Hey M, I'm alright I suppose" I frowned but smiled at him again.

"What's wrong?" Marcel asked, his expression turning into an concerned one.

"Just the usual, mum and dad never here and in a new country." I frowned again.

"What country this time?" Marcel asked.

"Mexico" I smiled. "For three months this time. M do you think you could come and stay with me again mum said it was okay plus in going to be lonely" I asked while pouting as Marcel laughed.

"Of course Daisy, I'll ask mum but she'll be okay with it so I'll come to yours tonight at around 6 okay?" Marcel asked as I nodded and smiled as we made our way into Finance.



Me and Daisy made our way to Finance and sat down in our usual seats, the usual insults being thrown our way but I just tried to ignore them.

I've been thinking about this a lot, maybe it's time for a change you know? Like maybe I should change my appearance and then I won't get these insults and bullying everywhere I go.

I turned to see Daisy looking thoughtfully at the board. You see a beautiful girl like Daisy really shouldn't be friend with someone like me. I'm a nobody but Daisy. Daisy has the potential to be a head cheerleader and queen bee of this school but well she never went ahead with it and actually did it. I don't know why but she didn't. She always says she doesn't want to ever be popular but I don't know.

Finance and Buisness went by fast as did the rest of the lessons and soon it was lunch. Maybe I will discuss this with Daisy.

We made our way over to a lunch table and got our lunches out and started eating.

I took a deep breath before starting to explain to Daisy. "Daisy, what would you say if I said that I wanted to change my appearance?" I asked as she stopped eating at looked at me thoughtfully.

"Well I would say okay but I wouldn't necessarily want you to do it though because you're perfect just the way you are Marc and you don't need to change for anyone" she smiled.

"But I want to change" I replied.

"If you want to change for you then you change but if you're just changing to please peoples expectations then it's not worth it" Daisy replied looking at me intently, studying my features with her piercing blue-green eyes.

"I want to change but I need your help so can you just do this one thing for me please?" I pleaded as Daisy sighed.

"Fine okay I'll do it." Daisy sighed.

"Thank you" I beamed.

I will change but I just hope I change for the better and not for the worst.

{sorry it is short and stuff but just trying to move this on a bit, don't know whether in still going to keep this or not}

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