One Direction Truth or Dare

So this movella is for all those Directioners or 1D haters out there. You can leave me dares in the comments.


2. Round One

Harry was playing with the cat while Zayn looked at himself in the mirror, combing his hair. Niall was stuffing his face with food and Louis was nibbling on a carrot. Liam was talking to himself. Crystal giggled a little when she looked at them. They all turned around in shock. " How long have you been watching us?! " Liam yelled. " Long enough." Said Crystal, smirking. " Dare time! It's not that bad, their pretty easy. Relax." Crystal laughed at their horrified expressions. " Easy for you to say." Mumbled Zayn. Crystal stared at him. " The first dare is for Niall from My_irish_leprechaun. She want's you to say you love shakra ahmed. Simple. But... You can't just suddenly say you love someone right? So you two get to spend a day outside together in the woods. You can't get out by the way, there's a force field. Better treat her nicely Niall." Said Crystal, winking. Niall looked a little confused. Crystal snapped her fingers, Shakra Ahmed appeared, looking really excited. She ran towards Niall, who caught her. They walked out together. "One more dare, we'll wait until they come back." Crystal spent the rest of the day talking and laughing with the boys. " You're not that bad." Louis said, smiling. " Thank you."

Finally Niall came back looking extremely happy. " She's awesome." said Niall, grinning. " Shakra, did he say he loves you?" Shakra nodded her head. She looked dazed but really happy." Okay, good bye Shakra." With another snap of her fingers, Shakra was gone. " So.. Boys, settle down. Time for the next dare. Actually , it's more of a truth. It's to all of you, from clary-mofo-tbci. Which of ya is a virgin?" Everyone blushed a deep red and shook their heads. " Alright, so what are you're sex counts?" Blushing again.Harry grinned, " More times than I can count." Crystal shook her head in disgust. Honestly! The rest of the boys shrugged their shoulders. Crystal sighed. " That's all for now. See ya guys later." And then, Crystal was gone again, leaving behind 5 idiots and amusements for them.

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