One Direction Truth or Dare

So this movella is for all those Directioners or 1D haters out there. You can leave me dares in the comments.


1. One Direction

One night a fairy went to capture One Direction on the orders of her master Crystal. She sprinkled sleeping dust on all of them while they were playing truth or dare and teleported them to a remote mansion in a forest. They lay sleeping in a heap until Crystal decided to awake them.

"Wake up." she said, shaking them. They immediately sat bolt upright. "Wha..." "Where are we?!" They cried. "Quiet!" Crystal shouted. They looked at her. "I apologise for kidnapping you but it was neccesary. You are all here to play truth or dare. You will do whatever dares your fans or haters dare you to,or.. you will die." She said. They gulped. " I will leave now until the dares start coming. Meanwhile,..." Crystal waved her hand. Plates of carrots and food appeared, so did a cat and a comb and mirror. " You may amuse yourselves with these. Goodbye." With that, she vanished.


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