Kidnapped by Tomlinson

When 17 year old Ashton was walking home from work one evening, she heard feet scuffling behind her, she didn't really care, nothing would happen to her, until she felt someone's breath on her neck then a hand with a rag gently covering her mouth as she gasps for air she faints and the last thing she saw was a black van, and blackness. How stupid was she to get kidnapped? Was this a prank? She struggled to think when she would become conscious but that dreadful rag came back each time.


4. New Struggles

okay so all the boys have girlfriends now, Thank you guys for the help and support and encouragement to update!!!!!



            Ashton's P.O.V



                          Zayn opened the car door and shoved me out, luckily I landed on my feet, almost falling forward, I cursed under my breath as Louis put his hand on the small of my back and led me into the actually pretty big house. "Girls were here!" Zayn shouted as we walked in, the girls came down the stairs pretty calmly, Zayn wrapped his arm around a short, brown curly haired girl, she was really pretty though. Harry (I heard his name was) hugged a girl a bit shorter than Zayn's and kissed the top of her head, she had dirty blonde hair that went all the way down to her waist, and pretty blue-green eyes, Liam (as I heard), hugged another short girl with pretty brown eyes, and black hair she wasn't too skinny or fat at all, and I saw Shakra standing there looking at my bloody face while hugging Niall.


                           I gently smiled and shrugged lightly as Louis was behind me snuggling his nose into the crease of my neck, it tickled little but I wasn't going to laugh, I wasn't going to give in the guy freaking stole me, well kidnapped but I'm nobody's kid so I'm gonna call it stolen. The girl with that douchebag, Zayn smiled at me and I smiled at her not him, I felt sorry for her, she had to deal with him, I sure wouldn't.


                          "I'm Atanna" she smiled a bit wider "I'm Tharshana" the girl with Liam said the next one with Harry smiled "Jacinda" and I looked at Shakra smiling at me "You already know who I am" I laughed a little to that and looked at the other girls "I'm Ashton, but you can call me Ash" they all gave me a friendly hug and Louis allowed them too. Then Louis grabbed my by the arm and pulled me into the next room "You can hang out with the girls today though you cant spend the night yet, I don't trust you enough" he frowned and I was a bit disappointed, I didn't trust him, but that didn't matter, he took me out of the room back into the main room.


                           "C'mon were leaving" Louis said to the other boys as they left and I stood with the girls "It'll be okay" Shakra smiled at me "Thanks" I smiled "You're the lucky one, you get the oldest" Jacinda smirked and I shrugged "I don't think I am, that doesn't really make me that much better" I shrugged feeling a bit scared 'What if the girls don't like me?' 'What if they think I'm just a scared girl and decide to leave me alone?' "Its okay someday you'll be forced to like it whether you like that or not." Atanna sighed and then Shakra smiled "Why don't we go watch a movie?" she said happily and everyone nodded and Tharshana put in the movie it was The Hunger Games, we cheered when it came on, I never had time to watch movies, I was too busy with work. It was good and the guys came in while the credits started rolling.


                            Suddenly, the door slammed open and Louis came in and yanked me up by the arm, he looked mad and it made me afraid, "We're going home" he growled and he pulled me out of the house with the boys kinda afraid of Louis, I didn't blame them he got like really, really mad I could tell by the way he was gripping me, it hurt, Louis opened my door and shoved me into his car. I looked at my arm where he had gripped me, a purplish bruise was forming there, I bit my bottom lip as it throbbed in pain as he drove home.


                            I at least remembered my seatbelt, and while I was opening my door Louis was already there and he held my door open and pulled me out, he gripped my arm in the same place as he did before on the bruise and my eyes welled up in pain, 'geez could he be a bit gentler?' "What?" he glared at me and my eyes opened "Did I say that out lo-" I was interrupted by him slapping cheek, and a tear rolled down my cheek, he didn't say anything, his eyes filled with rage "No attitude unless you want the same scar on the other side of your jaw" he frowned as I thought about how badly that hurt as tears welled up in my eyes as I rushed up the stairs, slammed my door shut, and screamed and cried into my pillow as he opened the door slightly and walked in, sitting on the edge of the bed, and ran his hand down my arm to soothe me.


                            I looked up at him, my vision blurry, but I knew it was him, he was the only one here besides me. I wiped my eyes as the tears kept flowing as she kissed my forehead. I didn't care, he just threatened me and slapped me, he doesn't feel guilty, its what he does for a living anyways aren't I right? I sniffled as he looked at me with tears in his eyes, 'did he feel bad?' I thought and focused the pain on my arm as he leaned down and kissed me, right on the lips, I pulled away, he got mad again and slapped me "You kiss back next time" he growled  and left, while I feel asleep to a new round of tears.

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