Not Just A Demigod ~ Percy Jackson

Two girls, Jayde and Aria have come to Camp Half-Blood; both demi-gods who are incredibly powerful. Why? Because they've been blessed by all 12 Olympians, and been raised on Olympus. Now a new quest is set, one that might spell the end of the world. But then again what quest hasn't.
( Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe Belongs to the AMAZING Rick Riordan. I only own Jayde, Aria and and other unrecognisable characters )


7. Chapter 7

Dead silence. Even the pavilion next to us had veil of Silence hung on it. Campers had stopped trailing into the space around us nothing could be herd. 
" Wh-what" I asked in shock. She was breaking up with me, after everything we've been through SHE'S BREAKING UP WITH ME
" I don't like you like that any more, I'm not sure I ever did" She said sheepishly
" But -"
"Percy look at all the fighting we've done over pointless things" Annabeth interrupted, she was right ( as always ) I  honestly I don't even remember the topic " I made a mistake, I mistook my feelings for you as a friend as romantic. I'm so sorry Percy"I stood in shock as she walked off. 

I walked to the beach and sat down forgetting about breakfast and just stared over the horizon. I don't know how long I sat there before I realised I wasn't even that upset, I mean sure I felt something for the blonde but who knows what it could've been. Like her I could've thought I liked her, even loved her. but as a friend. People mistake things like this all the time right? It's normal.

" PERCY" I heard a familiar bell like voice yell " there you are we've been looking everywhere for you" Jayde said sitting down beside me
" Sorry" I muttered ,then winced. Great now I sound like a complete git.
" Are you okay Percy you seem . . .  i don't know, not yourself"
I looked towards the girl, her golden/brown eyes shining with worry " I'm fine"
"and that's the biggest lie someone can tell" She rolled her eyes " Come one spill, or I'll get Aria"
That scared me, She scared me. I knew that if i got on her bad side it would quite possibly be allot worst than Kronos. Maybe not that far but still. 

" It's nothing really" She glared at me
" Percy I'm being serious what;s wrong, I hate seeing upset people" She said gentle but fierce. . .Is that possible.
I sighed " It's . . .  I . . . I've" I struggled to find words 
" Would it happen to be about Annabeth" I nodded
" So she did it? Broke up with you I mean" I looked at her " She wanted advice about it and came to me, We we're friends when she came to Olympus. I didn't know what to say so, I told her to tell the truth" She paused " Obviously this isn't going to do any good, come here" She wrapped her arm around me, I hesitantly returned the hug and watched as she glowed slightly. Barley noticeable but the golden shimmer was defiantly there. 

" Better?" she asked, I nodded and opened my mouth to ask about the glowing" Apollo can alter a persons anatomy and so can I actually i'm pretty sure most of my siblings could if they try" she answered my unspoken question
" Hey can we get on with the quest, I'm waiting" A new voice joined us, Jayde squeaked and bolted out of my grasp and glared a a smirking Aria 
" Oh you just love doing that to me don't 'cha?" The raven-haired girl shrugged in response.
" You make it too easy. Let's go! Argus is waiting." 


(A/N I AM SO SO SO SO SORRY, I know i took forever to update, and i really can't give an excuse. sooo, hope you enjoyed it)

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