Not Just A Demigod ~ Percy Jackson

Two girls, Jayde and Aria have come to Camp Half-Blood; both demi-gods who are incredibly powerful. Why? Because they've been blessed by all 12 Olympians, and been raised on Olympus. Now a new quest is set, one that might spell the end of the world. But then again what quest hasn't.
( Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe Belongs to the AMAZING Rick Riordan. I only own Jayde, Aria and and other unrecognisable characters )


5. Chapter 5

"Okay, tomorrow we need to head to Medusa's lair. . . With some luck we won't have any troble with her but we need to look for a necklace so. . . Where do we start" Jayde asked.
"First of all what is Medusa's LAIR" Aria turned to me.

"Aunty Em's Garden Emporium "I remembered last time almost 7 Years ago when Grover, Annabeth and I were lured in with the smell if food. Looked mg back on it I feel like an idiot.

Annabeth, she would be at the campfire right now. The choir of Apollo kids' singing reach our ears from here. We had somehow stumbled to the beach once again. Sparing a glance at Jayde I noticed the moon reflecting off of her now full brown hair.

"A garden shop?" Aria asked exasperatedly "How more original could the monsters get?"

" It makes sense though. A garden shop typically sells Garden gnomes and statues right?"

"So the necklace would be around someone's neck?" I asked

"Not just anyone's. Once a human has turned to stone they are deceased but their essence still hangs around. The necklace is deadly, put it on a mortal, mortal melts. Put on a mortal stone, mortal stone disintegrates. Get the drift?" Aria explained.

"So the necklace would be on something not mortal..." I realised. " A Saytr? Nymph?" 

"Bingo. Unless it's not hanging around a statue, in which case . . . we got nothing." Jayde said, sitting down beside Aria who had made herself comfortable on the sand. I followed suit not wanting to make a fool out of myself.

"Its our best bet right now. What do we look for next" Aria asked.

"Lady Hera's Diadem. The king and Queen of the God's requests should be followed through first. Any Ideas where it will be?" Jayde said quickly. I agree Hera's rage could get out of Control extremely fast.

"There's a replica of Hera's Temple somewhere, isn't there?" Aria asked

" Yeah in Alabama. Called Wetapumkin or something" I said, Annabeth said something about a Greek replica of Hera's Temple with allot of Statues inside of it ,Also replica's. Apparently the architecture was 'Extraordinary' in the words of my girlfriend. Possible soon to be ex-girlfriend; I think she might break up with me. We just haven't been getting along, our opinions are always different, which leads to arguments which leads to being given the silent treatment for days that have been increasing in number.

" Wetumpka" Jayde Corrected "The replica's on the Jasmine Hill Gardens. Almost a day's trip from here. I don't suppose their's any other option" 

" Maybe we should sleep on it, we could always look for clues at the Gnome Shop" Aria smirked "Besides, whats the harm in delaying the Queen of the God's Crown - "

" Diadem!" Jayde sung.

" Crown/Diadem/Tiara who cares, Definitely not me" Aria crossed her arms and huffed a stray strand of jet black hair out of her equally dark eyes. Her gazed shifted to Jayde who was stifling a yawn.

" I like this sleep on it idea though." She said tiredly wiping her eyes. and looking at the moon that winked at us from the sky

" You and night do not mix seriously, raising the dead is easier than keeping you awake."

" Daughter of the sun god and the Dawn goddess what do you expect? You know this sand is really soft..."

"Um no- C'mon, lets get you to the Apollo Cabin." Aria got up and lifted the dazed girl who blinked at her friend.

" But moving is so over-rated..." she mumbled taking tired steps. Had she really been so energetic just 5 minutes before?

" Percy get some wat-"
" I'M UP" 

I chuckled at the friends antic's and helped Aria drag the half-asleep girl to the cabin where we handed her over to Will Solace the new  Cabin counseler. Aria stepped in the shadow's leaving me alone with my thoughts.

" This is going to be interesting"

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