Not Just A Demigod ~ Percy Jackson

Two girls, Jayde and Aria have come to Camp Half-Blood; both demi-gods who are incredibly powerful. Why? Because they've been blessed by all 12 Olympians, and been raised on Olympus. Now a new quest is set, one that might spell the end of the world. But then again what quest hasn't.
( Disclaimer: Percy Jackson and the Olympians Universe Belongs to the AMAZING Rick Riordan. I only own Jayde, Aria and and other unrecognisable characters )


2. Chapter 2

I was surprised, to say the least. Okay, maybe not. When I first met Percy in grade three, when I was posing as an exchange student from Greece, I had suspected he was a demigod , A powerful one. But I never thought I would see him here.
I was pulled out of my thoughts as Aria tugged on my hair. “Ow! Geez, what was that for?” I cried. “Sorry,” she grinned, “But everyone else is leaving! Let’s go!” I smiled, and we followed Chiron into the Big House.
Aria and I had known each other pretty much since birth. We were born two days apart (Aria was older). The day after I was born, there had apparently been a prophecy on Olympus.
One with hair of ebony black,
Will be there to fight once monsters attack.
One with strands of the golden sun,
Is greatly loved by the prophecised one.’
So, the gods concluded that the two mentioned in the prophecy were Aria and I. Each god blessed us, making us incredibly powerful, so that we would be able to face whatever threats were to come. We were raised on Olympus together, taught together, and trained together.
Of course, we weren’t meant to leave Olympus until the 'Prophecised time’… But we did anyway. Even the kingdom of the gods gets boring once in a while.

I forced myself to pay attention, as we walked into the Rec Room. All the Head Counsellors were gathered around what looked like a ping-pong table, waiting for Chiron, Aria and I to take our places. As soon as we did, Chiron addressed us “Jaydania, Aria? What brings you to Camp Half-Blood?”
I took a deep breath. “Well, things have been lost urm Stolen… From Olympus, I mean.” The words tumbled out of my mouth, earning a few gasps and shocked expressions from people. “Yeah,” Aria continued, “Each one of the major gods, that's the 12 Olympians plus Hades and Hestia, have had an item of theirs stolen. We don't know who, or why, but Big Z sent us down here so that you," she gestured to Chiron, "can help us organise a quest to get everything back."

There was silence for about 3 seconds, but then all Hades broke loose.

"Do you think Kronos is back?"
"What if it was Luke again?"
"Who would do something like that?"
"What if the camp is destroyed?"
"What if OLYMPUS is destoryed!?!?!?"

I rolled my eyes, and buried my face in my hands. This would take a while.

"SHUT UP!!!" Aria yelled, effectively silencing everyone. That's one of the advantages of being Aria. She can get anyone to shut up. "Chiron," she began again, "would you be willing to help us?" Chiron paused for a minute, in thought. He nodded. "I think it's time to have a quest."

A.N: Hey! Thanks to everyone who liked and commented :) Next chapter should be out soon...ish XD

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