Haruyama: The Short Story of the Sempiternity

Hoping to make history, Kai is a member of an archaeology team who sets out to record data from an unknown island. His friend, Amy Morikami, along with the team leader, Caine, experience unexpected changes in events that spiral into a mess that challenges them to survive.


4. The Sempiternity

The dirt path gradually turned to sand as Kai heard the crashing of waves grow louder. The path he had taken since the top of the mountain was straightforward, making only a few detours that only led him back on the path.

As the trees parted, Kai saw metallic remnants of what he assumed was the Sempiternity. Towers of rocks burgeoned into view of the beach, and the familiar scent of salty air lingered in Kai’s nostrils.


A voice was heard from the distance, making Kai’s chest tighten.

“—ai,” the voice fought through the crashing of the waves.

Kai began to breathe heavily as he desperately shouted back.

“Hey,” Kai coughed out uselessly.

Clearing his throat, he shouted again. “Hey!”

The voice grew audible as Kai shuffled around the scattered rocks.

“Kai!” the voice responded clearly now. The voice continued. “Where are you?”


Kai continued shouting at the voice as he scampered across the thin sand. Turning past the last rock in front of him, he saw Amy with her hands cupped around her mouth.

“Amy!” Kai screamed. “Oh, my God. Amy!”

 Amy gasped, stammering backwards in disbelief.

She turned, shouting behind her, “I found him! He’s here!”

“Are you okay?” Amy asked, watching Kai hopping toward her for a hug.

“Yes,” Kai answered. “Where have you guys been?”

“We washed up nearby a hut about a kilometre from here,” Amy explained, helping Kai toward the group of crew members huddled in a circle.

Amy continued, Kai noticing a quiver in her voice. “Caine and I were the only ones who got away, though,” she said. Amy gestured toward the group of men in the circle, “We just found them here when Caine radioed in a rescue ship.”

“Why?” Kai asked. “What’s happened to the others?”

Amy looked down. “We were chased. Some natives started throwing spears when one of the crew members saw one of them eating an arm.” Amy was tearing up. “He screamed, and I guess that angered them.”

“I’m just glad you guys are okay,” Kai said softly.

Amy smiled faintly as the two joined Caine behind the circle of men.

“There you are, Kai,” Caine exasperated. “Are you all right?”

Kai nodded.

Caine, Amy and Kai made their own huddle as the survivors waited for the rescue ship that Caine had called. Kai told Caine and Amy his encounter with the man in the cave. The conversation slowly segued into relief, wondering what to do when they return safely.

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