Haruyama: The Short Story of the Sempiternity

Hoping to make history, Kai is a member of an archaeology team who sets out to record data from an unknown island. His friend, Amy Morikami, along with the team leader, Caine, experience unexpected changes in events that spiral into a mess that challenges them to survive.


5. Rescued

The rescue ship had arrived an hour after the members regrouped.


“Thank God,” Amy grunted. “I’m ready to go home!”

“I guess we won’t be making history for now,” Kai joked, wobbling to his feet as he watched the rescue ship approach the open shoreline.

“Oh, I’m sure we can find another uncharted region to become famous in,” Amy reassured with her usual sting of sarcasm.


The ship slowly lowered its loading dock onto the dry part of the shoreline, the unknown crew members already trying to step onto the platform. Kai was behind everyone, remembering his experience up in the mountain. He turned to look at the hazy distance to see the mountain where he’d climbed out.

Before spinning around, a numbing thrust threw Kai forward, and a crunching sound blanketed the sound of the shoreline.


“KAI!” Amy hollered, her voice stinging Kai’s ears.


Kai looked down at his chest. He saw a jagged spear poking against his shirt, his thick blood oozing into the fabric. Kai staggered backwards off the platform. The unknown crew members scrambled up the loading platform, shrieking with terror, pleading the captain to leave immediately.

Kai’s body collapsed onto the sand, lunging the spear deeper through his chest. The muffled screaming began to fade as Kai’s vision blurred.

“A—” Kai gurgled through the blood spilling from his mouth. “Amy…”


Before his vision began to darken, Kai saw Amy’s body be picked up. Caine scrambled up the platform with Amy flailing in his arms, her voice completely silent in Kai’s ears. Kai felt the platform lift up, his left boot caught on a corner of the platform. As the platform erected, Kai’s body dangled, the remaining visibility of life Kai had saw the sand pull away.


Kai’s foot began slipping through his boot. His muscles did not respond. His mind began to drift. The platform had been nearly retracted, hanging Kai over the scattered rocks bobbing visibly through the waves. As his foot tugged out of the boot, Kai felt his body fall. The life had slipped through Kai in time before colliding with the Earth.


His body slapped into the rocks. His brain tumbled out of his cracked skull and disappeared into the water. The body coiled into a pile of limbs and a torso, sticking on the jagged rocks that grated the skin through the visible clump of dark intestines.


Amy sobbed from the deck of the rescue ship as she watched the island natives drag the body off the rocks and across the shoreline, disappearing into the hut where she and Caine had survived.

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