My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


20. Twist

Louis' POV 

 She was right. We didn't know what had happened.

I put my arms around her and she uncrossed her arms.

She turned to meet me chest on chest.

"Why do you care?"

I could tell she was going to cry.

"Because I care about you. Just tell me Rose"

She smiled, then became serious again.


She let me put my arms around her again, and sighed.

She told me everything. Even about Liam.
And that confused me.

She liked Liam?

My chances with her were shot!
Li and I are total opposites, and she probably wouldn't go for me.

But, I still had my arms around her, which gave me some comfort. I squeezed her and took in a big breath.

"I'm sorry babe that must be hard."

She turned to look me in the eye.

She was crying now, with a tear running down her beautiful cheek. 

"Oh no don't cry." I used my hand to brush the tear away.

I kissed the wet track it left on her cheek, all the way down to her chin. I kissed her ears, nose and eyelids. 

I stopped two inches away from her face.

I didn't want to kiss her if she liked Liam and not me. So I took my chances.

"Do you want me to kiss you?" I asked her.

She came closer to me," more than anything in the world "

I cupped her face in my hands, and brought my lips to hers. It was slow and sweet and full of emotions.
Her lips were soft, and tasted like strawberries. 

She was a little sloppy.
I giggled and broke the kiss.

I continued laughing and she gave me a strange look.

"What is it?"

"Oh, nothing"

"Tell me Lou"

" fine. Was that your first kiss?"

She turned red and covered her face with her hands.
" oh my gosh.... Was it bad?"

"It was fine you don't have to be embarrassed." I chuckled out still laughing.

" it was my first kiss"

"Well, I'm honored" 
I smirked at her.

" I can help you get better "

She laughed," alright."

I put my arm around her waist and we walked back into the building.

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