My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


4. The mall. Hot pants?

I heard Three honks from outside. 

Nora, Callie, and I ran out of my room into the hallway. We looked at Perrie, and she looked at us.

We ran forward at the same time.

No matter what, we were getting there first.

"Move Perrie!" I yelled.

"Shut up twit." She said back at me and I stopped startled.

She ran outside and into Zayn's waiting arms. 

What she said really hurt.

" common Rose" Nora urged me. 

Callie helped me up from my crumpled position on the floor and handed me a purse.

She patted me on the back and we walked outside, Perrie and Zayn passing us on the way. 

We saw a huge black Audi in our driveway. The window was rolled down to reveal the one and only

Niall Horan.

"Holy crap this is actually happening." Callie whispered to me in amazement.

We walked up to Niall.

He took his ray bans of the bridge of his nose and examined each of us.

"You sit in the front." He concluded looking at Nora.

She looked at me in shock and I shrugged. We all climbed into the car.

"Liam's place is about twenty minutes from here. The party doesn't start for An hour. You guys really want to wear that?" He said turning to look at us, his eyebrows raised.

We all looked at our outfits.

"Yours is cool" he said to Callie, and she beamed.

He looked at Nora.

"Cute dress. But show a little more skin.

Then lastly he looked at me.

"Hmm. Your body type would look good in hot pants. Ill take you guys to the mall."

He started the engine and backed out of the driveway.

"Um Niall?" Nora asked.

"Yeah babe?"

WTF. Did he just call her babe.
She turned and looked at us with wide eyes.

"We don't have money with us" she concluded.

"Whatever" he said taking three fifty dollar bills out of the glove box handing then to Nora.

He cranked up the most popular station. In a minute he and Nora were singing along.

Who knew that the would get along so well?

I stared out the window for a few minutes.  What Perrie said really hurt. I was worried about her though. Why did Zayn want to be alone with her?

I hope she doesn't do anything stupid.

"Rose" Callie said. I turned to face her.

"Let me do your makeup."

I let her shove lipstick on my lips and put tons of mascara on my lashes.

We pulled up to the mall.

We all got out.

We walked into forever 21. They have short shorts and cute short dresses.

We grabbed a few things to try on and asked the sales rep to show us to a fitting room.

"Fifteen minutes. That's it. I can't stand the smell of this place"Niall said sitting on a bench next to Callie.  She giggled. So did Nora. I just smiled.

We came out in our first outfits. 

I had a superwoman shirt on with white short shorts.

Nora was wearing a strapless simple blue dress.

"I can't wear this. It's too revealing!" She cried.

Niall laughed," it looks great. Get it. It's a party. Everybody's wears revealing stuff."

She shrugged and went to take off the dress.

I went back into the room and changed into my second outfit.

I came out in the perfect outfit.

A blue shirt with RAD written across it. I also had black shorts on.

"Hot" Niall whistled. 

I smiled. I hope that's the reaction I get from Liam.

We bought our stuff and drove to Liam's place. It was a huge mansion.

We started up the walkway, drunken teenagers all around us. 

We made it inside the house. It was packed. I saw Harry, Louis and Liam sitting on a sofa. They waved for us to come over.  

Harry was looking at me. I never realized how gorgeous his eyes were.

He got up and gave Callie a hug.

" who's your friend?" He asked her, looking at me.

"That's Rose" she giggled," Perrie's sister."

He nodded and Niall took Nora to the dance floor.

I knew their bubbly personalities would mesh.

I saw Liam come over to Callie, and they started a conversation about leather.

I saw Liam lead Callie up the stairs and I shot her a look. 

That breaks the first two rules of girl code

Do not leave a friend alone with a boy.


Sisters before misters.



Seriously though!!!

Harry looked at me.

"Want a drink?" 

"No thanks."

A few girls walked by us with red cups, I crinkled my nose. 

"I meant a soda, idiot" Harry teased. 

I smiled," sure." 

He lead me to the makeshift bar in Liam's dining room.

We sat there talking about art and music for a while. 

I had a fanta and he had a coke.

He was actually cool.



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