My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


13. It's on.

Rose's POV
I walked through the doors of my high school, only to see the two people who disgust me most on this planet right now.

Callie and Liam walking hand in hand

"Don't pay any attention to them" Nora said trying to comfort me.

I give her a look.

"I see Niall waiting for you. "
I say spotting the blonde boy across the hall waiting for her.

"It's alright. You need me more now."

I roll my eyes at her and then fake a smile.

"I'm fine, go" I say playfully pushing her towards Niall. 

She sent me a thankful smile and walked over to Niall.

I sighed and walked to my locker alone. 

I twisted the lock to the right combination and it clicked open. 

I unzipped my bag, and heard a tapping noise on the other side of my locker.

I ignored it and put my bag and lunch into my locker.

I heard it again and closed my locker to find Alden tapping the end of his pencil against the locker next to mine.

"What the hell Alden? Ever heard of talking?"

He smiled and then quickly returned to his frown.

"I need your help"

I nodded.

"I think Nora is cheating on me."

I snorted at how ridiculous he was being. Those two were made for each other.

"I tried talking to Callie, but she said that Nora won't talk to her."

I sighed and closed my locker, leaning against it with my back.

"She's not cheating on you. I don't know where you got the idea."

He leant his back against the locker next to me.

"But she's hanging around with that blonde guy more than she's with me. You've all been weird lately too. Am I missing something?"

It was almost pitiful how little he knew, but no one had told him.

"Callie and I had a fight. Nora is on my side"

"What happened? Whenever there's a fight its always you and Nora. Never you and Callie."

"Look" I lazily pointed over at Callie and Liam, talking to Harry and Zayn laughing hysterically.

Just as I pointed, she looked up, and we made eye contact.  Her face went into a blank emotion and she stared at me.

Callie's POV

The boys were still laughing at my joke when my eyes met with Rose's.

I stared at her. I feel this ache in my heart. But it's not sadness. Yesterday I was sad. Now I'm downright mad.

How could she? Even thought she liked him, a true friend would accept what happened, and support me.

Besides, it's not like nobody likes her.


Damn her thin body and blonde hair. Plus a pretty older sister and parents who love her.

Well. It's on Piper Rose Edwards.  It's on, and you're going down.




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