My sisters boyfriend

Rosie Edwards is Perrie Edwards' little sister. What happens when she and her friends discover the key to the popular boys' heart? Is blood really thicker than water?


31. drive

Callie's POV


I yell towards Liam as he Louis and Niall pelt each other with the water.

He looks up, and quickly dunks Louis' head under the water before leaning his head back laughing. He turns back to me, and jogs up the beach.

" hey love" he said coming up to me with outstretched arms.

"No" I said

"C'mon babe" he said inching closer, smirking.

I took a step back," Liam I swear if you-" I was cut off as he ran into me and picked me up wrapping me with his arms and making me completely soaked.

"LIAM!!" He put me down and laughed, placing his towel around my shoulders.

"I'm gonna go for a drive, just telling you before I head out" I say.

He pouts and nods slowly," want me to go with you?"

I lift up my beach bag and other things.

" I always love your company, but I know Niall Louis-- and Harry do as well."

I pointed and looked at the three boys in the water still contained in their epic water fight.

"I've had seven years with the lads, lets go"

He slips on his sandals and we walk back to the beach house.

I walk into the house, and Liam walks out to the pool. I hear him mumble a couple things and comes back to me with a confused face.

Together we climb the stairs to our room, set our things down and I go into the bathroom to sort out my hair.

I pull my hair down and grab a pair of shorts and a t shirt on and walk back out. Liam looks at me, and pulls a light grey shirt over his head, and smiles.. Then his face gets serious.

"You won't believe what I say when I went outside to the pool" he said

I raised my eyebrows.

" Rose and Zayn... In the hot tub."

I choked on air and my eyes nearly popped out of my head.

" they weren't doing anything together. But they were sitting pretty darn close to each other."

I look out of our window and look down at the pool, and sure enough there's Zayn, kissing Rose on the cheek.

" oh no."

I said. Liam nodded and sighed," let's just get out of here, and kissed my hair wrapping an arm around my shoulder.

We went out to the car, and started to drive.

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