Yours Sincerely | On Hold

There's about a million reasons living with Justin Bieber is a full on never ending nightmare. The most important one being; he's the lord of the douches.
She's pretty and sweet, he's rough and cocky. She's considered the girl next door, while he is the biggest player on the planet.
Out of despise for each other, they've manage to avoid one another the first three years of High School, but when they are forced to spend summer vacation living under the same roof, hell is bound to burst into flames.


5. Safe haven

Behind the cabin there's a small pathway that leads into the woods and ends where a small creek crosses its path.

I found the pathway long ago, and ever since I've been using the creek as a hideaway. 

The scenario is beautiful, with the sunlight twinkling in the shallow water and the rocks leading into the chilly water. 

I knew from the moment I saw Justin at the cabin that this summer would be a nightmare, if not worse. 

"What are you doing here?" I'm startled by the question. I've never had an intruder at this place; my haven. 

Carly has always been kind enough to never follow me out here; she knew I went to be alone with my thoughts, and to escape the world for a moment, and having her here would have been distracting to me.

I'm met by the figure of a tall brown haired boy, as he escapes the shadow of the tall trees to stand next to me.

"I could ask you the same question," my blood is already boiling and my mind twirling with comebacks, in case he tries to start anything.

"This is my place." Oh hell no.

"Actually it's mine." His eyes searches mine for a second and I'm overwhelmed by the intensity within them. 

Mentally I prepare myself for whatever comments he might throw at me, to get me to leave. This is my safe haven and I'm not giving it up.

"I guess we could share." I'm startled by his response. I fight the urge to pinch myself in the arm, to see if this is reality or not. 

"That's it?" I ask, surprise evident in my voice.

"Was there something else you would like me to say?" Once again his eyes searches mine, and the intensity makes me momentarily forget how to breathe.

"N-No," I stutter. 

I've never been nervous around Justin in this way, but having him so close makes my heart flutter and my stomach do crazy things.


I watch as he strides towards a flat large rock, which I've used as my tanning bed for years. He places a towel on it before he lays himself on top of it.

I'm forced with no other options than the rock or the grass. I settle for the ground.

"You scared I'm going to bite?" I divert my eyes to him again. He's raised himself on his elbows and he's looking at me with a raised eyebrow.

"Wouldn't be the first time," I mumble, but the silence by the creek muffles none of my words. His eyes narrow at my statement, and I hold my breath; waiting for another comment that will knock all air out of me.

"I'm sorry," he says so softly and I think I'm going to faint; whether it's from holding my breath too long or his words, I'm not sure.

"For what?" I'm confused by his apology. 

Never in my life have I heard, nor heard of, Justin Bieber apologizing to anybody.

"Isn't it obvious?" 

"Not really," I pick at the grass underneath me.

"For the way I acted," he clarifies and again I'm caught by surprise by his admission.

"I guess it's okay."

"No it's not," I hear ruffling and when I look up Justin is seated beside me on the grass. "Sometimes people do crazy stuff when they don't know how to handle their emotions." I'm confused; not just by his words, but by his actions. Justin has never been within a two feet distance from me; at least no on purpose.

"What do you mean?" His eyes meets mine and the intensity builds to a height it's never reached before. I'm soaring and I know that within seconds I'm going to fall; I always fall when Justin is involved.

"I like the way your eyes reflects the sunlight," he mumbles lightly as one of his fingers travels just beneath my right eye.

"Justin, you out here?" Ryan calls from within the woods and by the sound of his voice Justin jumps back, leaving at least a three foot distance between me and him.

"Yea, I was just telling fatty here to fuck off." Ryan appears at the tree line and Justin's sends a spitball at me, before grabbing his towel and following Ryan back towards the house. 


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