Yours Sincerely | On Hold

There's about a million reasons living with Justin Bieber is a full on never ending nightmare. The most important one being; he's the lord of the douches.
She's pretty and sweet, he's rough and cocky. She's considered the girl next door, while he is the biggest player on the planet.
Out of despise for each other, they've manage to avoid one another the first three years of High School, but when they are forced to spend summer vacation living under the same roof, hell is bound to burst into flames.


3. Hate bug

"What are you doing in here?" I heard him the first time but I can't seem to prevent the words from slipping passed my lips again.

"I'm cleaning my room out," he answers with a trace of annoyance in his voice and a roll of his eyes, before he finally looks up and lays his eyes upon me. "Who the fuck invited you?" 

"There must be a misunderstanding," I force myself to take a deep breath and force myself to ignore his comment. This is what he always does: he throws hateful comments at me and spits dirty words in my face until I'm just as disgusted with myself as he seems to be. "This is my room." 

"The only misunderstanding here is calling those things in your back pocket panties, they look more like a parachute." Once again I feel the heat rise in my body, coloring my face in a slight crimson color. "Again: who the fuck had the brilliant idea of inviting you?" 

"I could ask you the same question!" I'm starting to get dizzy by the strong scent of his manly cologne, how much did he use? The whole bottle?

"Is everything okay in here?" Ryan sticks his head inside the room before stepping over the messy pile containing my belongings. 

"There's a bug in my room," Justin snaps as he turns around and heads for the bed, where he flops down on his back. "Could you get it out please? I think it stalked me here." 

I'm a hundred percent sure that the color in my cheeks is getting more evident, this time with anger and not a single trace of embarrassment. 

"Katie! I haven't seen you in forever." Ryan steps towards me and pulls me into a brotherly hug. I can't help but laugh at his statement.

"Ryan you saw me this morning." 

"You know that thing?" Justin's voice holds a clear trace of disgust. He is now sitting on the edge of the bed, looking with pure horror at our embrace.

"Dude, chill. She's Carly's best friend." Ryan sends him a warning look as he takes a step back from me.

"I don't give a shit about what it is. It has no fucking business in my room." I've never actually talked to Justin before, but I've heard rumors about his snappy attitude and violent behavior. The wildest rumors though is the stories about his... um, love life - if love is even involved, I doubt it.

"Actually this is Katie's room," Ryan shrugs as he pics up a picture frame from the floor that Justin must've knocked over in his clean out of my room. Of course Ryan would invite Justin as his guest this summer, just what I needed on top of the college pressure from my mom. 

"Do I look like I care?" 

"Chill, okay? You can sleep across the hall." Ryan heads for the door after he sends me a reassuring smile. 

"Well looks like it's gonna be me and you tonight," he winks with sarcasm hiding behind his gorgeous features. "You're on the floor." 

"I'm not sleeping on the floor," I state as calm as I possibly can.

"Well I guess you wont get much sleep this summer, 'cause I sure as hell will not be moving room." He smirks before he reaches for the hem of his shirt, pulling it upwards.

"What are you doing?" 

"What does it look like I'm doing?" He rolls his eyes at me and pulls the shirt all the way over his head and toss it on the floor.

I feel extremely uncomfortable just standing at the dresser in silent, not knowing where to place my eyes, before I finally cave in and starts for the door.

"That intimidated, huh?" Even though the smirk is evident in his voice, the unexplained hatred shines through. I've only known been here for ten minutes and I already feel the urge to leave without a single glance back. 


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