Yours Sincerely | On Hold

There's about a million reasons living with Justin Bieber is a full on never ending nightmare. The most important one being; he's the lord of the douches.
She's pretty and sweet, he's rough and cocky. She's considered the girl next door, while he is the biggest player on the planet.
Out of despise for each other, they've manage to avoid one another the first three years of High School, but when they are forced to spend summer vacation living under the same roof, hell is bound to burst into flames.


4. Bonable

"What about Danielle?" 

"Nah, I heard she got fat." Justin and Ryan had taken over the couch and was calmly discussing girls and their back fat, boobs, ass and fuckability like it was the most everyday thing one could do.

"Seriously?" I hadn't even realized that I was speaking until their heads turned my way. "You're turning a girl down because she gained a bit of weight?" 

"I like them skinny and bonable," I wanted to smack the smirk off his face the minute I had laid my eyes on him going through my underwear drawer, having him sitting a couple of feet away wasn't really helping on the whole 'I want to smack the living elf out of you' situation.

"What about you Ryan?" I knew Ryan was too kind and warm hearted to throw bull like that out into the air. "Do you like yours 'skinny and bonable' as well?" Is bonable even a word? I highly doubt it, and if it is I need to have a serious conversation with whatever idiot is putting together the dictionary.

"Depends on how skinny." Gosh, do all guys turn into fucking idiots as soon as their friends are around? Arrogant little butt head.

"I'm sure that by 'bonable' he was referring to actually being able to see some bone." If I was just fast enough I could reach across the room and smack the living elf out of him without him being able to do anything about it. Though I'm pretty sure that Justin would be a thousand times faster than me and that would turn the situation against me.

"Nah, nothing to hold onto, nothing to disappear into!" A loud smack rung through the living room and for a moment I thought, prayed, and hoped that it was the inside of my hand colliding with Justin's cheek, but there was no stinging sensation in my palm. Much to my displeasure I realized that they had joined their palms in a high five before Justin's annoying butt whipping smirk was back on his lips, wider than before - if that's even possible.

"You guys disgust me," I wrapped my arms around my knees as Justin stuck out his tongue at me and Ryan just send me sympathetic 'what can you do' kind of look. You could do hella a lot if you would smack that fine friend of yours for me. Thanks.

"What are you geeks doing dissing girls anyway?" Carly! My life saver, my angel! Will you smack him for me? Please?

"Just planning the party of the year," Justin shrugged as he scrolled through his phone, obviously looking for another poor girl to torment and diss. 

"And where would this party be exactly?" Carly flopped down on the chair I was using as a back rest before she placed a bowl of popcorn in front of my face. She really was my lifesaver.

"In the barn," he shrugged ones more. What on the surface of earth was it with that kid and his urge to always smirk og shrug.

"Oh hell no," Carly ones again proved herself as my lifesaver, and ones again I found myself holding onto the tiniest hope that she might just smack the living elf out of the self centered jackass on the couch a few feet away from us.

"Will you get your sister on a leash or something?" Jackass.

"Carls, it's just a little party. Come on." Why Ryan hadn't dumped his sorry excuse of a friend's ass before I couldn't understand. "You're both invited you know that." I kept my mouth shut, convinced that my lifesaver would once again speak on my behalf and save the world from collapsing on me.

"I guess it would be kinda fun." What? No. There's no way that I was going to let these two butt heads ruin my summer get away.

"No, you're not having a party." Even though I had no authority over either of them my voice even convinced myself an inch that I had.

"What? Are the big cry baby too scared of a little party?" Jackass. Jackass. Jackass. "Have you even ever been to one, huh?" 

"Yes." No.


"Am not." What the hell was I doing? Was I seriously sitting here, in the middle of a cabin out in the middle of nowhere, and having the most childish discussion with the biggest jackass of all time?

"Then why wont you let us have a party?" He was challenging me, pressuring me and I could see it in every one of his features. He was pressing my buttons and pushing me to the edge, seeing how much I could take before I would crack.

"Fine, have your stupid party but I'm not cleaning it up," and with that I stormed out of the room in the most childish way one could. Why did he had to treat me like a little child?

"Chill dude," Ryan sighed at Justin as soon as I was out of view.

"Why? Who invited fatty anyway?" 

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