I Just Wanna Love you

Harry and Louis are best friends but they are secretly crushing on each other. Read the story to follow them along their journey.What will happen when manegment finds out about their secret relationship?


4. You love me?

***Harrys pov*** 

I sat the blade down on the counter and stepped back to stable myself on the wall. 'He hates himself ' I instantly slid down the wall and held my face in my hands, I couldn't help but cry. The thought of Louis hurting killed me. He shouldn't have to worry about anything. He's perfect, absolutely perfect! But he obviously didn't think that. 

"Harry?" Louis interrupted my thoughts. 

I quickly say up and wiped my face from any tears. "Hey" I said trying not to sound upset, but it obviously wasn't working. 

"What's wrong Harry " Louis asked me walking into the bathroom. 

"I should be asking you the same question Louis."

"Harry what are you talking about?"

"Last night Louis! You really don't remember?"


********Louis pov*****

The only thing i could remember from last night was harry walking in on me that's when i blacked out. I really hope Harry didn't find the blade that is probably the worst thing that could happen right now. 

Harry had tears falling from his eyes but i could tell he was trying to keep them from falling, as if he didn't want me to know that he cared that much. Harry wiped his face and started to walk up to me. "Why do you hate yourself Louis?" Harry grabbed my hand and walked me over to the bed, he motioned me to sit down and i did. 

"You wouldn't understand Harry." 

"Why did you cut yourself?" Just then my worst nightmare came true. Harry found the blade and he figured out i had used it on myself. "Is it because of me, did you do it because of me" I looked up and met Harry's eyes. He quickly shut his eyes and looked away from me. 

"Harry why would you think its because of you.'' 

"Because last night, when you left my room. You acted like i hated you. i could never hate you."

I want to tell Harry everything i really do but I'm scared. "Louis i can tell you're holding something back please tell me whats wrong." I didn't want to lie to him and tell him i am okay because he knows I'm not.. "I'm fine Harry.' 

"Bloody hell Lou tell me whats wrong."  

"Harry I'm depressed, I'm broken, I hate myself, and if you haven't noticed I'm borderline anorexic. theres just so much wrong with me, I never told you because i didnt want you to think i was some freak-" 

"Louis i could never think your a freak. why do you hate yourself, your perfect. Who the hell broke you, please let me know, ill beat there arse."  What do i tell him now? He want's to know who broke me. Ill brake him if tell him hes the one that broke me... 

"You" i whispered hoping he wouldn't hear me.

"M-m-me?' Harry chocked out. "I - i broke ...you" He started to cry. i felt bad but it was the truth. I've been in love with Harry since the X-factor. i mean its only been a year since then but I've become so close to him since then, and i fell so hard for him and he didn't even know it. 

"Wait so your gay, and i broke you, so you l-like me? Am i right? I'm dreaming right, the guy i love did not just say he liked me because that's what it sounded like- wait did i just say that out loud?' Harry said. 

"Y-you love me?' i questioned him. I cant believe he just said that. I was in shock. 

"Yes i like you and I'm gay too but i didn't tell you because i was scared and now you know and im sorry if im not your type and you said you had a crush on someone and you acted like you liked him a  lot and i-" Harry said that so fast i could bearly understand what he was saying. "Harry stop. When i told you i had a crush on someone, it was you, i love you Harry, I always have."

"Louis, i don't know what to say."

"Tell me you love me"

"Louis i love you." And with that i kissed Harry, this kiss was like no kiss I've ever had before, it was so full of love and passion i thought my head was going to explode. 


A/N I hope you guys liked this chapter. i tried to make it the best i could. 



love you guys 

-nicole (: <3






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