I Just Wanna Love you

Harry and Louis are best friends but they are secretly crushing on each other. Read the story to follow them along their journey.What will happen when manegment finds out about their secret relationship?


9. Some chick

Waking up with a headache is not fun, but having a sweet boyfriend who brings you breakfast and asprin makes it a little better. Once my headache was gone i actully felt like doing something, that something being taking a shower before rehersals and the concert that night. Harry knocked on the door teling me that i was takeing to long, but i just told him that if he wanted me to function proporly he would let me be. Finally he did leave me alone, and i was fully refreshed for a long day. 

Durring the 20 minute drive through tons of traffic to the arena i had to imform Harry how he couldnt act all lovey-dovy towards me while any of the crew was there if he didnt want our cover to be blown. He gave me a pouty face but promised he would keep my request to keep our relationship secret for now. 

I really dont know what i would even tell eveybody. Yes Harry and i are offical but honestly all of this is happing so fast, im not sure what to think about it. I love Harry i really do, but lately ive had some... doubts he wants a boyfriend. Thursday night before the concert Harry met this chick and he has been texting her like crazy. Checking his phone every few minutes, smiling and laughing. This was one of my worrys from the beggining. 

I was okay with this chick being Harrys friend untill she started showing up at every concert. Then after tonights concert he left to go to some club with her without even saying goodbye to me. And thats why i now have my self locked in Liams hotel bathroom. Him and Niall have been trying to get me out for hours but i refuse. Harry was supposed to take me out to dinner tonight and now he just dissapered with some chick. Hes been ignoring me ever since he met her. 

Niall: Louis come out please.  

Nialls voice sounded me from the other side of the door. I got up and flinched when i saw myelf in the mirror. 

Louis: Did do you what i asked?

About an hour ago i asked Niall to go downstairs and have a seprate room for me. 

Niall: I did. 

I stepped out of the bathroom and took the new keycard from Niall. 

Niall: your in room 1012, five floors up from Harry. 

Louis: Thank you. Look dont tell him where i am. I really just wanna be alone right now. 

I left Laims room after thinking Niall again and headed down to my- Harrys room. My bags were already packed so i wouldnt be long. Its almost five in the moring and i just want to get in bed and sleep untill i am forced to get up. But my plains were changed when i found Harry sitting by my suitcase crying. 

Louis: I didnt expect you to be here. 

Harry where else would i be. Why the hell are your bags packed. 

Louis: I got my own room. 

Harry: W-why?

Louis: Because im not going to be that guy who sits around while his so called boyfriend goes out and with some chick. 

Harry: So that is what this is about. Do you know how rediculous you sound. 

Louis: No, Harry i dont sound rediculouis, you spend all your free time with her, you text her all the time. You dont even talk to me anymore. We share a room and this is the most ive seen of you since youve met her. You dont try to cuddle me anymore at night. You fall asleep texting her and wake up and go right back to it. 

I picked up my bag and proceded out of the room. 

Harry: Louis stop please. Im sorry. 

Louis: No harry. 

I hurried in the lift, leaving harry at the bedroom door. When i reached my room i didnt even worry about putting my stuff away i just fell into bed and went to sleep. 


Im so sorry it took me so long to update. and im sorry this is so short ive been really busy and i promise ill update more. 

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