I Just Wanna Love you

Harry and Louis are best friends but they are secretly crushing on each other. Read the story to follow them along their journey.What will happen when manegment finds out about their secret relationship?


2. ill never be good enough

***warning: May be triggering** 

*Harrys pov* 
"Harry , Harry? Wake up" 
"Lou? What's wrong? It's 4 in the morning." 
"Harry, I can't sleep. I wanna talk to you about something."

By this time I was fully awake and wouldn't be able to go back to sleep. So I decided I'll just let Louis talk now instead of telling him to come back later. 

"Harry you'll love me no matter what right?" 
"Of course Lou, what are you talking about?"
"I like someone..."
"Who? Is she cute?"
"Yes, he is cute, very beautiful actually."

Wait.. What... Did I just hear that right. Did the guy I'm crushing on just say he had a crush on another GUY? I think I'm dreaming. 

"He?" I asked Louis. 
"Yes Harry, he."
"Louis I-" "No stop I know. I'm a freak, just that gay freak. Well before you say it I hate me to.. I shouldn't have done this... I'll talk to you later. 

Before I could say anything Louis ran out of my room. Why would he think that I would hate him because he's gay, and what does he mean by he hates himself? God I hope he is okay. I don't know wether I should check on him or give him until the morning. Maybe I should just give him time. 

***louis pov***
I sat on my bathroom floor crying. I can't believe I just told Harry I was gay. He's going to hate me, he'll think I'm another freak. I couldn't handle the feeling of being hated by the guy I love. I feel worthless right now. 

Nobody knows I suffer from
Depression. Nobody knows that it has brought the worst out in me. Nobody knew that Louis Tomlinson teenage heartthrob self-harmed. Yes I'm not proud to say I cut but I do. 

I did the only thing I knew how to do when I felt like this. I opened the bottom drawer and pulled out my blade. I sat there thinking for a few minutes. Making sure I new why I was about to break my clean streak. 

One, I'm ugly. Two, I'm a freak. Three, I just admitted I'm gay to my best friend and he probably thinks I'm a freak now. I didn't have to think anymore. That seemed like a good enough reason to me. 

I pulled up my sleeve that reviled my scares some healed and some still scabbed. I thought to myself "you'll never be good enough for him" and with that I slid the blade down my right wrist. Letting the blood flow. I made a second cut. Watching the blood flow down my arm. 

Just then I heard my bedroom door slam. 

"Louis! Louis where are you?" I noticed that voice from anywhere it was Harry's. I didn't lock the door. Shit! I tied to clean up as fast as I could but I was getting faint. Dizzy and I couldn't move fast enough. Just then Harry came through the door. 

"LOUIS" I heard Harry scream before I blacked out.

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