I Just Wanna Love you

Harry and Louis are best friends but they are secretly crushing on each other. Read the story to follow them along their journey.What will happen when manegment finds out about their secret relationship?


3. Hazza Bear

*****Harrys Pov****

I couldn't help but think about Louis, he left my room so quick. I really wanted to know what he meant by he hated himself, and why would he think I would ever be able to hate him. I love him, with all of my heart. 

So without really thinking I got up and walked to Louis' room. "Louis" I said lightly while knocking on his door. No answer. "Louis please open the door" I said again. I heard crying, so I held my pride and opened his door, to find nothing. 

"Louis! Louis where are you." I went to his bathroom, I opened the door and there sat Louis sitting on the floor with blood on his wrist. 

"LOUIS!" I screamed but then he passed out. I quickly hurried to his side and grabbed a wet wash cloth wiping his wrist of the blood. I got up and grabbed some gause and a bandage. I laid the gause over the cuts and put a bandage so it would stay.

I picked Louis up bridal style and brought him to his bed. I laid him down, his head on the pillow and scooted in next to him. 

"Louis?! Louis! Can you hear me?" 

"Harry?" His voice was faint he could barely talk.

"Suhhhh Louis, get some rest. We will talk later. Okay?" I was so worried about him. 

"Goodnight Hazza Bear" was all Louis said before he fell asleep. Hazza bear, Louis has never called me that before, but I like it. 

The whole night I sat there and watched Louis sleep, just to make sure he was alright. He looked so cute the way he crinkled his nose when he slept, how he cuddled up in the blanket with his small body. It was beautiful, he was beautiful. I couldn't help but hope that one day he would be mine. 

I decided to go clean the blood off of the bathroom floor. I got up and walked to the bathroom and took and damp cloth and wiped the blood off the floor. While I was ringing out the cloth I saw a small blade fall out of it. 

I picked up the blade and held it in my hand. I thought to myself, he did this. He cut himself in purpose. Then my question was answerd. This is what Louis meant by he hated himslef. He didn't say that at spur of the moment. When he told me he hated himself he meant it. 

I sat the blade down on the counter and stepped back to stable myself in the wall. 'He hates himself ' I instantly slid down the wall and held my face in my hands, I couldn't help but cry. The thought of Louis hurting killed me. He shouldn't have to worry about anything. He's perfect, absolutely perfect! But he obviously didn't think that. 

"Harry?" Louis interrupted my thoughts. 


Soo I hope you liked this chapter... Sorry it's short I just have each chapter set up in my head and I try to make it as long as possible.... 




Tell your friends maybe (: 

Love you guys 

-Nicole xx (:

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