I Just Wanna Love you

Harry and Louis are best friends but they are secretly crushing on each other. Read the story to follow them along their journey.What will happen when manegment finds out about their secret relationship?


5. Boyfriend?

Harrys P.O.V. 


When I woke up i was in Louis' bed. All the memories from last night came back to me, the I love you's, the kiss, cuddling until we fell asleep. I couldn't stop smiling, my dreams are coming true, I'm laying here with the guy i love asleep in my arms and i couldn't be happier. Just then my happy thoughts were interrupted by a very loud Liam. "Louis wake up, Were leaving today!" Shit! i Totally forgot were leaving for Ireland today. I sunk down in bed hoping Liam did'nt see me. What are the boys going to thing. 

"Louis, baby time to wake up. We heave to leave today. Did you pack?" i shook Louis a tad bit to make sure he would wake up. "Harry i don't wanna get up" Yep that's Louis in the morning. Its so hard to get him up, that's why I normally make Liam do it. "Louis don't make me pour water on you again"

"Fine, I'm up. What time is it?"

"its 10, our plane leaves in an hour! Please tell me you packed your personals" 

"Yes harry I'm packed. I have everything ready for when we leave. Can we go back to sleep now?" 

"No go take a shower, we can sleep on the plane." I got out of bed and walked back to my room to change. i decided to put on a pair of grey sweat pants and a black t-shirt. I went to my bathrom and looked at my hair, which was every where since i just woke up. I threw on one of my beanies and grabbed my suitcase and walked down the hall. 

I stopped at Louis door, sat my suitcase down and walked in. Louis was only in sweats and damn did he look hot with out a shirt. "Louis what am I supposed to do if the boys notice that I wasn't in my room this morning?"  I walked over to Louis and wrapped my arms around his waist from behind and rested my chin on his shoulder.

"We will tell them the truth. Their our best friends they will understand"

That's what i was worried about, Louis. I don't want him getting anymore hate then he already does. "Dose any of them know your gay?" louis added. "Niall does, hes the only one i told." i said. 

"Well Liam and Zayn are Very understanding people. I'm sure they will be okay with it." 

"Louis what are we?"

"Honestly I don't know Harry" Louis turned around to face me and i looked at the ground. He grabbed my chin and pulled my head up so i could look at him. "Harry i may not be sure of what we are, but i am sure of one thing. i love you and that's never going to change. When we go downstairs we are going to tell the boys the truth. Everything is going to be okay Harry, I promise." Louis then kissed me and grabbed his suitcase. I grabbed mine and we walk downstairs. 




"There you are Harry i went to your room to wake you up this morning and you weren't there. Where were you?" Asked Liam. 

"He was in my room" Louis said walking toward the bar where Niall was sitting.

"OOHHH GET YOU SOME HARRY" Niall shouted from across the room.

"What do you know that i don't, Niall?" Liam said. 

"I'm gay Liam" i said looking at Louis and he could tell i was getting nervous. Louis got up and walked over to me and grabbed my hand.

"Correction" Louis said. "Were gay" 

"That is adorable" Zayn said walking out of the kitchen. 

"I'm happy for you guys, how long has this been going on?" Liam said.

"Only since last night, and if you guys don't mind i would like to keep it between us." I said, looking at Louis for approval. "Yes i want to keep it Private until we find out what we are." 

Zayn interred the conversation "Just to let you guys know, I've known all along. You flirt 24/7 How could you not know Liam" 

"Well im not sure but we must be going. Paul is waiting outside to bring us to the airport."

We grabbed our bags that were sitting by the front door and walked out to the car that waited for us.



When we boarded the plane Louis made sure to sit right next to me, i thought it was cute that he wanted to sit by me so badly. I sat next to the window a pulled the arm rest up that was inbetween me and Louis, I automatically pulled him into my cheast. Like that he fell asleep. 

"Do you love him?" Liam asked who was sitting in front of me. 

"I do, I really love him."

"Why isn't he your boyfriend then? He obviously loves you too."

"I know he loves me, but I'm scared to ask him"

"What are you going to do about management harry?"

"Im not going to tell them until i have to. Im not going to let them take him from me."

"Their not going to take me from you, i wont let them."  Louis said. 

I looked at him, " i thought you were asleep." 

"No but by the way liam, He is my Boyfriend'' Louis pulled my face to his and kissed me



Sorry its short, Wattpad kept crashing for some reason.  So how about 5 comments and ill update.. no reason to update if nobody ir reading. so if you want me to update tell  me 


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