Catch Me If You Can

I have always been a bad girl. I drink, do drug. I have never been good.

But I have never gone that far.

I have just killed a person.

And that person is my Dad.


2. Let Me Stay

Marceline's POV

    I ran and ran. I didn't care that it was raining, and my white top was bloody red. I just kept on running with all my might.

    I stopped when I reached a house. It was big and elegant. The garden was filled with fresh daisies and roses. They smelt very good, but I didn't had time to stopped by and smell the flowers.

    I reached the big door and rang the bell. After about a few seconds, the door was opened.

    A boy opened the door. His black hair was messy, and my nose was filled with his alcohol smell.

    "Hello Marcel."

    "Hey Zayn. Mind if I stay for a few weeks?" I asked.

    "Sure. Come in first," he opened the door wide and let me in.

    Once I got in, I just hugged him and started crying. He smoothed my hair and said, "Shh, shh, what happened?"

    I started to tell the story. "I didn't go home last night since I went to the bar with you guys. When I got back to home, my father shouted at me and asked where I have been. I said that I went to the bar and he asked what did I do with you. I teased him by using Jennifer's name and he slapped me. I tried to reach the door and leave, but he pulled my hair and tried to ground me in my room. I was so scared and I just grabbed a knife from the dining table, then...I stabbed him.  He...he died." I choked out the last word and continued to cry.

    "It's ok. Who is Jennifer by the way?" he asked.

    "She is my father's girlfriend."

    "Oh I see. Could you please tell me more about your family?"

    "Sure," I answered weakly.

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