Catch Me If You Can

I have always been a bad girl. I drink, do drug. I have never been good.

But I have never gone that far.

I have just killed a person.

And that person is my Dad.


1. I Killed My Father

 Marceline's POV

   "Come here Marceline!" shouted my father.

    "What the hell?" I shouted back.

    "Where have you been last night? You haven't come back for the entire night!" my father was steamed.

    "What? I just went to the bar! That isn't any big deal!" I pissed .

    "Then what did you do with that kid?" asked my father angrily.

    "It's so obvious. Like what you do with that Jennifer everyday!" I teased him.

    He slapped me.

    "You're grounded," he said, emotionless.

    "You think I would still go back into my bedroom from now on?" I walked towards the door.

    "You're not going anywhere!" he pulled me back by grabbing my hair.

    "Hey! Let me go!" I screamed.

    "You have to go to university and studied like every other girls!" he said, trying to pull me back.

    "You asshole! Get away from me!" I struggled.

    I grabbed a knife from the table and stabbed my father.

    He was shocked.

    " stabbed me with a knife?" he said weakly.

    I just stabbed him with all my might. His blood was coming out and I have it all over my clothes.

    He fell on the ground and died.

    I just killed my father.


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