The lockdown

Children are in a lockdown for days and come to some pretty dangerous problems with this bad guy


1. the beginning

It all began at home. I had to catch the bus. "Hurry up your going to be late" said mom . "Ok" I said. I got on the bus ready for my day. When I got to school I was late so I ran to class and started math. Mathew the teacher said. "Yes" I said. "What is the answer to 5x5". She said. "25" I said. I am in grade 5. "GOOD job mathe-". She was interrupted by the lockdown bell. Ring ring ring 3 times in a row that was when we all got so scared. What happens next. How long will it be. Will we be trapped for life. Will we die of starvation. All that I know is that someone is out side and we might die. Just then we hear foot steps out side our door. Oh god please I say to myself. Is this the end. NO it can't be. Just then the foot steps get more quiet. It is time to sleep. We are all very tired. It is 10:30. We all go to sleep for the night to wake up to probably a bad situation.

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