The lockdown

Children are in a lockdown for days and come to some pretty dangerous problems with this bad guy


3. day 3

We awaken. I go to the bathroom. I make it back. Thank god for that. I miss my life. Just then we hear footsteps. Just then someone's phone rings. The footsteps stop. I hear the gun shot and a scream. This is the end of another one of the 600 kids in this school. Everyone is frozen until the footsteps go away. "Is everyone okay" said the teacher. "Yes" we say quietly. "Good. We will get saved soon" she said.

I have to eat so I do. We have been saving our food just in case. The teacher has been saving her food too.

We hear a gunshot every 5 minutes. It is scary. Having to go to the bathroom but knowing he's out there. Even just knowing he's out there is scary enough.

It is 10:00 on the spot. "Time to go to sleep" said the teacher. We all go to sleep, and our teacher stays awake like always until we are all a sleep.

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