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None of these imagines are intended to be real, they are simply made up from our twisted imaginations...

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7. Michael Clifford (For Hellooooooooo!!!!)

Michael Clifford (For Hellooooooooo!!!!)

I giggled as I pulled Michael into our bedroom. I fell down onto the bed, my brown hair cascading everywhere including all over my face.

I pulled on his arm, dragging him down with me so he was now ontop of me; his hand gently removing the long brunette strands of hair from my face before dropping his body weight down onto his arms which were at either side of my head.

He looked down into my green eyes as I stared up into his- neither of us breaking the eye contact.

Here we lay; ontop of our bed in our apartment, alone. He was ontop of me and I was under him- but nothing was happening…

“You know what?” I asked Michael as I lay under him, smiling cheekily up at him.

“What?” He asked pecking me on the nose before retreating and staring once more into my gleaming eyes.

“I had a dream last night…”

“Oh really, did you? And…”

“-And I kissed you right on your goddamned face.” I state chuckling as he smiled aswell; his face moving closer to mine as he kissed me passionately, his soft plump lips sucking mine as I kissed him back hungrily, our tongues fighting for dominance. I ran my slim fingers through his beautiful dyed hair, slightly pushing his face closer to mine deepening the kiss, he moaned loudly in anticipation but he pulled away as I sighed, pouting sadly.

“Does ‘-And I kissed you right on your goddamned face’ not mean I want you… Like right now?” I asked sticking my tongue out at him.

“I dunno, but ‘Fuck me Michael’ sounds pretty accurate to me… Anyway, sorry bubba but I’ve really gotta go, we’re recording today.” Michael sighs, quickly kissing me on the lips before his body weight is suddenly lifted off the top of me.

“Oh… Well tell the other boys I said hi…”

“Will do, love you Kat.” He said as I watched him make his way out the bedroom door.

“I love you too Mikey-” I shouted back as I heard the front door open and shut once more, silence suddenly filling the apartment.

This is how it usually went, I was usually left by myself when Michael had band things or touring to do.

But I loved Michael and he loved me- just the thought of knowing that he loves me is enough to make shivers travel down my spine and my heart to race.

Michael was ‘the one’ for me, it may sound clique but it’s true. Michael was the other half of my heart, and without him I wouldn’t have anything to live for.


No matter what, someday you will find your other half. It doesn’t matter where or when in your life, but one day you’ll wake up to the sight of the one you love, and you will be able to say that they truly love you back.



Authors Note

~Like and Favourite for more imagines~


Sorreh Kat if you imagine was actually crap but we aren’t good writers… And I’ve been having writers block… that’s why it kinda sucked >.<

(And fangirling hard over She Looks So Perfect wasn’t helping either… *.*)

-Mikayla xx (:

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