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8. Madison Alamia (For Ms. Kyle Hardy14)

Madison Alamia (For Ms. Kyle Hardy14)

I sat at a corner table outside a small café; the sound of birds chirping in nearby trees, cars of different shapes and sizes driving past every now and then, some couples walking hand-in-hand past me on the sidewalk.

I had no hope for us anymore, he was gone- yet all I could think about was him.

It felt different being here without him, I don’t know why but it just did. We would always come here together, just me and him- it was our special place where we would spend Saturday afternoons just sitting here drinking hot chocolate and laughing about anything and everything.

I took a small sip from my hot chocolate, taking in the look and feel of the cold wintery morning. I wrapped my cotton blazer tighter around my body, causing the soft cotton material to rub against my skin, sending a shiver up my spine.

It was one of the later days of the year; I hadn’t seen him in quite a while. Never ran into him on the streets, never saw him out, and I never actually saw him anywhere.

Some say he went and became famous; but of course I never believed those rumours, he would always be the small hometown boy that he is- well, that’s what I chose to believe. The stories of him making it big time never fazed me, I doubted he wanted anything to do with fame and fortune or so he had told me when we were still ‘a thing’.

I’ve sometimes wondered what it would be like for him to suddenly be thrown into the world famous and what not, that’s if he actually is... He seemed to be a person who wasn’t interested in the popularity and he seemed like someone to hide in the background rather than in the spotlight.

I took another small sip of my hot chocolate; savouring the flavour, the heavenly taste lingering in my mouth but yet my mind still stood on the topic of the cutie that I used to know.

“Ahh-” I breathed, taking a sniff of the frosty air around me.

I felt a soft tap on my shoulder, “Excuse me miss…” I turned around to be confronted with two familiar eyes staring down at me.

“Sorry, do I know you?” I ask pondering on about where I had seen this mysterious man; he wore plain everyday clothes yet something about him seemed special- like he meant something, like he was important.

“Ah- no s-sorry, I… I-I don’t think so…” I listened to him stutter, his voice oh so familiar… His eyes, the colour of the ones I used to know… and then it clicked, my heart beginning to pound.

“M-Madison….?” I questioned as he stared into my brown eyes with shock, his eyes were still as beautiful as I had remembered from the smallest of memories that I had of him.

“Erica… I’m so sorry for leaving you alone....” He explained.

“No, it’s fine…What happened to you, I kind of heard you became… somewhat famous…?” I questioned, my face emotionless, my glance dropping towards my lap in awkwardness.

“Ah- yeah, listen about that. I’m sorry for leaving you Erica, It’s just that we kinda got noticed and suddenly wewere getting noticed for our singing… Our lives just, changed completely.”

“You’ve changed since I last saw you…” I looked him up and down as he stood awkwardly.

“I-I know,” He walked around to the other side of the table, sitting down into the woven café chair.

“Listen, I came back here to find you.” He speaks, reaching his hands out on the table in front of me; I hesitate slightly before placing my hands in his as he gives them a small squeeze.

“I’ve missed you Madison…” I spoke, my voice cracking slightly somewhat nervous yet curious.

“I’ve missed you too Erica, give me a second chance or whatever?” He asked staring deep into my eyes, drawing circles on the inside of my palm.

“But Madison, you’re famous now. Go date some super famous model or whatever, why come back for me? I’m a nobody.” I swallowed the large lump in my throat, my eyes dry yet they felt as if they were tearing up.

“No, you don’t understand, I’ve loved you since the first time I met you. I left you for my career, what was I thinking, oh I wasn’t. I would never leave a girl like you, you’re amazing and no-one is as beautiful as you Erica. I’ve made this mistake once but I’m not going to make it a second time. And you aren’t a nobody, to me you’re everything.”  He speaks with very little confidence in his voice, his hands sweaty.

We sat there in silence, as he fumbled with my fingers causing a small smile to make its way onto my face. I didn’t know what to say, I was in fact speechless.

I examined this new guy in front of me… the way his beautiful hair was styled perfectly, the way his eyes were absolutely beautiful, his arms so- so amazing, the way his lips looked so soft and pink…

“Erica?” He asks shaking my hands slightly to catch my attention.

“Oh-ah sorry… I don’t know what to say.”

“It’s fine if you don’t want to see me again, I understand.” He begins to arise from his seat, letting go of my hands.

“No Madison, stay. I think this can work, I do… I really do.” I spoke, my smile probably resembling the Cheshire cat from Alice in Wonderland. I stand from my seat, walking over to him, adjusting my glasses waiting for him to speak.

“You don’t know how much I loved you all this time and how much I missed you…” He pulls me into a hug, his arms around my waist, stroking my hair gently.

“I-I love you Madison.” I wrap my arms around his neck, snuggling my head into his chest.



Love comes to those who still hope although they’ve been disappointed, to those who still believe although they’ve been betrayed, to those who still love although they’ve been hurt before.



Authors Note:

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Sorry Erica if your imagine was honestly crap, we’ve been having a shortage on ideas :/ and sorry that it’s so late.

We’re really sorry.

-Mikayla & Erika xx (:

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