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9. Luke Brooks

Luke Brooks

I leaned my body weight onto my arms which were sitting on either side of the sink as I stared at my reflection in the mirror, my long curled hair draped across one shoulder. I lifted a finger to my slightly flushed looking cheekbones, dragging my finger down the professionally done make-up. I was ready, ready to show him. We were at my house, getting ready for our school Semi formal. [ I know Luke dropped out of school but just imagine that he is still in High school... Thanks :D ]

"Y/N, you ready yet?" He asked in a bored tone.

"Just a minute." I call back, letting both of my hands smooth down the sides of my long formal dress (or prom depending where you are from), smiling. For once I actually felt pretty.

"Okay, I'm ready." I made my way over to the bathroom door, turning the handle to reveal him in his black and stylish suit. His jaw dropped as I stepped out of the bathroom, so I was now standing in front of him.

"Holy shit, you look gorgeous." He says, eyeing my up and down as he bit his lip.

"Not so bad yourself Mr Brooks." I reply jokingly, both of us smiling, just enjoying this moment that won’t ever repeat itself again. He pulls me into his slightly built chest, engulfing me in a bear hug, my ear against his chest- I could hear the beat of his heart, smooth and in rhythm.   After a while he pulls away, his brown eyes burning into mine as he slowly begins to lean in, kissing me sweetly, tugging on my bottom lip gently as he smirked.

"-Uke, we need goo oh. e'll be ate..." I mumbled as he continued to tease me with his tongue, licking my bottom lip as I moaned the slightest.

His lips disconnected with mine for the slightest second as he smirked seductively. "Just a bit more." He re-connected his lips with mine once more as he placed his hand behind my head, deepening the kiss.

I smiled; Luke was always that hot, mysterious and seductive guy that would do anything just to get a bit 'frisky' with you, even if it was really quick. But then again Luke was that guy that was the sweetest, most caring and loving guy you would ever meet. It was like he had two personalities, two different sides; one sweet, one sour… you never know, one day he could be sweet and lovey-dovey and the next day he could be some guy that grinds against you while you make out with him behind a bar at midnight. He has many different traits that made him bad yet he had many more that made him good, but just as well, it’s a good thing I like both sweet and sour candy. [Don’t judge us ;) ]

A few seconds later he pulled away, huffing, wearing a dirty smirk on his face.

"Okay, now let's go."

"But Luke, how are we gonna get there in time?" I asked hitting my fist against his chest gently, we were meant to be going to my best-friends' house to catch a ride with her and her boyfriend to the formal, but we were meant to have left 5 minutes ago.

"C'mon, we can walk to Y/B/F’s house. It’s not that long a walk." He bends down, grabbing my legs as he flipped me up in the air, I wrapped my arms around his neck so he was now carrying me bridal style. He steadily made his way out of my house, making sure I didn’t get dropped along the way.

I smiled, snuggling my head against his chest, staring up at him as he jogged down my street. His hair was styled in a small quiff, his lip ring glistened against the little amount of afternoon sunlight there was left, the sun just hitting the tips of his hair making him look fierce and…

Just so god damned sexy. I loved him. I truly did, present tense- do.



It’s the little things in life that actually turn out to be practically everything you live for, him.



Authors Note

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Hey guys,

We really tried our best to make this one good… Idek so byeee <3 Love you.

PS. Sorry it was so short, school is slowly starting to get busier...

~Mikayla & Erika xx (:

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