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None of these imagines are intended to be real, they are simply made up from our twisted imaginations...

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10. Liam Payne

Liam Payne

I saw him for the first time there; standing on the corner of the road, staring down at his IPhone whilst he lent against a light pole that sat concreted in the ground. He looked around the same age as me, but he looked like an absolute model in the afternoon sunlight that peeked from around the nearby trees. His slightly built figure was covered by a black leather jacket, his blonde/brunette hair styled perfectly into a quiff and a pair of black skinny jeans hugged tightly to his amazingly toned legs.

I pushed some dirty thoughts from my mind, wrapping my jacket tighter around my body before holding on tightly to my university study papers, I slowly made my way closer to the end of the street. I was obviously curious about why this guy was just standing on the corner of the street with no actual intention... It would seem as if he were up to something no good; but he didn't seem like it. The problem was that I just couldn't bring my gaze away from him.

The cold winter air blew past me, causing my hair to escape from my black beanie, the beanie tumbling and falling to the ground before my feet.

"Crap." I spoke under my breath as I attempted to bend down to pick it up, the wind blowing once more causing my papers to scatter all over the side-walk/ pathway. I scramble to the ground, grabbing hold off most of the papers.

"Here, let me help you." A husky voice surprises me.

"Oh, uh thanks but... Actually, I think I'm fine." I mumble quietly as the model-like guy bends down, picking up my beanie and handing it to me before helping me gather the papers into a pile, fixing my beanie back on my head I mumbled a quick thank-you.

"Make sure you hold onto your papers more securely, the wind is quite the bitch today ain' it." I giggled at his remark. His eyes locked with mine, staring into each others eyes my heart started beating fast as my breath hitched. He broke the eye contact by handing me the pile of papers, our fingers brushing across each others slightly, afterwards my fingers began to tingle the slightest. I could feel my cheeks starting to heat up, yet the wind sent a small shiver up my spine.

"Ermm, Well. I'd better be off... I wouldn't want to be late." I spoke quickly, hoping to quickly get away. Well, of course he was obviously really hot, but who knows, this guy could be a rapist for fox sake. (I'm sorry, I just had to put 'for fox sake' in there somewhere... ;P)

"Ah- Yeah... I don't wanna keep you late either." He speaks a little distant, as he scratched the back of his neck.

"Thanks again..." I whispered loud enough for him to hear, starting to make my way past him.

"Hey ah- listen. I didn't quite catch your name but... I'm Liam." I turn back around as he smiles the slightest in my direction, lifting his hand in a weak wave.

"My names Y/N. It was nice meeting you Liam." I smiled, a unexpected small giggle coming out of my mouth.

"Same to you Y/N.... Hey, ah you know. It would be great if we met up sometime, maybe for coffee someday?" He questioned, looking puzzled.

"Umm thanks for the offer.... that'd be great and all but I'm not so sure... besides I barely even know you." I dropped my eyes to avoid any eye contact, taking in a deep breath.

"Well, you have a point. But what's the worst that could happen?"

"Well, for starters you could be some serial rapist out to get me." I laughed, looking back into his eyes. The corners of his mouth started to lift as a hearty laugh came from his mouth. *.* Oh my asjhbhfosd.

"A serial rapist? I've gotten; cutie, model and pussy slaya before and they all aren't true. but never 'serial rapist', that is a good one actually. I like it." He smiled, his teeth showing the tiniest bit.

I laughed hugging my jacket tighter around me as the wind picked up.

"Here, have my jacket." Before I could oblige he had already wrapped the jacket around me.

"Ah thanks.. I should really go though, here you can have it back." I offered, started to take the jacket off.

"No, no. wear it, you're cold. And that gives me a chance to meet up for coffee or dinner with you some other time anyway." He winked as he smiled cheekily, I smiled back.

And to think that something so powerful like love can begin just like this.



We don't meet people by accident. They are meant to cross our path for a reason.


Authors Note

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Sorry if it's really bad, I didn't edit or proofread because I typed this up in literally less than an hour and I just wanted to publish something quick because school is such a painnn. Okay byeee

~Mikayla xx :--)

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