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2. Harry Styles

Harry Styles

I pull some of the green strands out of the ground, the fragile pieces of grass falling through my fingertips and onto the ground below. I sit cross-legged on the ground, staring up into the colorless clouds above, the sun peeking through the small, almost non-existent gaps. Harry had once told me;

“When you miss me, just look up to the sun, moon or whatever in between because you know I will always be looking up as well- just waiting to come home.”

Whether it was night or day he promised to be looking up at the sky when he missed us, so I did the same- Each day I would sit cross-legged on the grass in the front yard for hours, just sitting- watching the sun go down or the sun go up. Hopelessly dreaming of him walking through the front gates at that very moment- of course It never happened, never would for another few months or two knowing their upcoming tours, albums and all. They've been in America for around 4 and a 1/2  months now,always so busy.

I do miss him, a lot. Darcy had said her first words a month after he left, taking her first few steps a couple of days later; Harry wasn't here for both of those things, he wouldn’t get another chance to witness his child do those things ever again, or feel as if he was a dad… a proper father, not some old famous boy band member, an actual dad that got to see his daughter grow up within her age. That was mostly due to the fact that we weren't planning on a having a baby ; with his work and all, it was just too much for me to handle on my own.

“M-mummy, when’s d-daddy coming home?” Darcy asks stumbling slowly towards me and through the glass doors to the  front yard.

“Soon honey… Soon.” I pick her up, pulling her onto my lap and tangling my fingers through her hair. I whispered in her ear, she sat listening silently.

“You know Macy, your father. H-he loves you A lot…” I say trailing off at the last part, she turns around to look me in the eyes, Harry’s emerald eyes stared back at me- oh how I missed his eyes. Those hours spent staring into those very eyes that stared back at me, those beautiful pink lips I longed to kiss, the way his hair was always a mess of curls…

“Then why is he never home mummy?”

“He has a lot of things to do to make money, to take care of us” I reply, taking hold of her hands- tracing random shapes on the back of them. We sit in silence for a while, the birds singing in the distance, some cars driving past, the wind blowing the leaves on the trees scattered around our front yard.

I carry Darcy out of my lap as we start up the front steps, about to head inside, both of us silent.

“Y/N…” A husky voice says from behind us; I turn around, looking into those beautiful green eyes I loved, once more.

“Harry! oh my god.” I run to him, chucking my arms around his neck, on my tippy-toes due to the height difference- never wanting to let go.

“I Love you so much, I missed you.” He voice muffles into my hair, his arms wrapping all the way around my body. I take in his scent, the musky smell i remembered filling my nose- I had missed this; Harry and his smell and just all of him in general.

“Da-daddy?” darcey takes slow and steady steps towards our embrace, a confused look on her face.

“Darcy!” I let him go from my embrace, causing me to sigh a little- already missing being in his arms, I pull myself back together by taking a deep breath.

He picks up her tiny  body; placing a sloppy kiss on her cheek, a smile spreads across her face as she snuggles her head in the crook of his neck, hugging onto his body tightly as if we were never to see him again. We all start to head inside- the sun melting into the horizon in a blur of blues and purples, the colors I sat watching everyday knowing that he wasn't coming home... Until today.


If you’re ever feeling lonely just look up at the sky; someone, somewhere is looking right at it too.



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